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7 Benefits of Diesel Electric Drive Systems

Diesel electric drive systems are an excellent choice for vessels big and small. Here's why!


Quiet Operations

Quiet Operations

Diesel electric drive systems do not produce as many vibrations as mechanical propulsion systems, so vessels that use them operate more smoothly and quietly.


Fuel Efficient

Diesel electric drive systems only use fuel to generate electrical power instead of using it to move the entire boat. As a result, vessels with diesel electric drive systems use a lot less fuel than vessels that use mechanical propulsion.


Cost Effective

Diesel electric drive systems require little maintenance and use less fuel than conventional propulsion systems. As a result, vessels that use this type of propulsion system have lower maintenance costs and lower fuel costs than non-electric alternatives.


Use Space Efficiently

Diesel electric drive systems can be located almost anywhere on a vessel, which means these propulsion systems can be installed in a way that allows below-deck space to be used in the most efficient way possible.



With a mechanical propulsion system, if one engine goes out, the ship will immediately lose 50 percent of its propulsion power. Diesel electric drive systems have multiple diesel engine generators, but they do not all need to be used at once. They are turned on and off based on current electrical demand of the vessel. If one of the diesel engine generators went out on a ship that uses a marine electric propulsion system, the vessel would still have enough propulsion power to continue on its way.


Fewer Harmful Emissions

Because vessels that use diesel electric drive systems rely mainly on electrical power, they produce far fewer harmful emissions than vessels that rely mainly on fossil fuels. Diesel electric propulsion is an environmentally friendly alternative to mechanical propulsion.


Less Water Pollution

Vessels that use diesel electric drive systems do not cause as much water pollution as vessels that use more fossil fuel oriented alternatives because they use electrical energy.