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Historical Landmarks In Kandy – Sights And Sounds Emblematic Of A Sublime Kingdom

A tour through the fascinating city of Kandy will get you up, close and personal with some of the region's most admired cultural landmarks. Given below are those worthy of your time and attention.


Temple of the Tooth Relic

The most famed and most religious site in all of Kandy is the stunning Temple of the Tooth Relic which witnesses large swarms of devotees and tourists arriving in anticipation of feasting their eyes on the shrine's prized possession; the preserved tooth relic of Lord Buddha. Locally referred to as the 'Dalada Maligawa,' this site of worship forms part of Kandy's ancient royal palace complex where many structural examples bring to light an era still lauded and spoken of at great length.


Kandy Lake

The Kandy Lake which is an artificial lake was constructed in 1807 by King Sri Wickrama Rajasinha and serves as a good way to go on a stroll through the city, taking in its breathtaking environs and of course, the parapet wall which encircles the Lake itself. A gripping tale unveils details of how the central island on the waters of the Lake was used as a pleasure garden by the king himself before the British took over its command and used it for the purpose of storing ammunition.


Bahiravakanda Vihara Buddha Statue

For the ultimate viewpoint when in Kandy, do make journey towards the Bahiravakanda Vihara and begin ascending its hallowed steps en route to its summit. Here, one will be greeted by the 88 ft. tall statue of the Buddha which is one of the primary reasons for spending time at the Vihara. The outstandingly crafted white statuette looks out over Kandy and is credited as being one of the country's largest statues that continues to attract visitors in their numbers.


Kandy Garrison Cemetery

A somber mood will guide you past the numerous gravestones that can be found within the Kandy Garrison Cemetery. Housing the remains of close to 200 soldiers who fought valiantly for the British Empire, the Cemetery was constructed in 1817 and dates back to the grim times of World War II and its impact on Ceylon. Interestingly, the resting place of Sir John D'Oyly who was one of the masterminds behind the capture of the Kandyan Kingdom in 1815 can be located here too. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission undertakes for its management with the said attraction being a popular choice amongst those based at hotels in Kandy such as the well-appointed Amaya Hills.


Lankatilake Temple

Found in the area of Udunuwara and set against a stunning backdrop of mist-shrouded mountains and a good spread of greenery in its immediate vicinity, the Lankatilake Temple will have lovers of art and as a whole, culture buffs in their elements. Built by King Buvanekabahu IV, the shrine's image house showcases an awe-inspiring collection of fine sculptures which reflect the minds and skills of those who were tasked with its creation. The Lankatilake Temple is also a place of worship of the Gods Saman, Vibhishana, Upulvan, Kumara Bandara, and Ganapathi respectively. Further, one may voyage to these grounds and spend a quiet moment in deep meditation or observe the local faithful clad in white offer blessings and tributes to the Buddha.