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10 Important Help Desk Metrics (And Why You Must Measure Them Today)

Shortsighted metrics don't let you prioritize long-term and sustainable growth. So, if your company's customer support department is struggling, it is almost because you're using the wrong metrics to judge its performance. Here's a guide of the ten most basic help desk metrics that you must track to empower your customer service flows.

How Customer Service Analytics Can Help Companies Put the Customer First

Everything about customer analytics tools and their functionalities to help organizations prosper by quantifying multiple data sets. Find out how analytics have become a significant and most relevant part of customer support these days.

Customer Support And The Rise of Helpdesk Automation

Know-hows of helpdesk automation and how you can improve your overall support process with the help of various automation features.

Helpdesk Software: A Complete Guide

Tired of your old, worn-out, outdated helpdesk software? Worry not! Here’s everything you need to know about the latest helpdesk software trends. Click on this informative guide that talks about the benefits, know-hows, market scenarios, trends, and features of the helpdesk software that help drive a better customer experience.

Omnichannel Customer Support: The Future of Customer Interactions [And How You Can Get Started]

Omnichannel strategy delivers a seamless and customer-centric experience across various channels and collaborates to better your overall customer experience. If you’re looking to implement strategies to improve your omnichannel customer experience, we’ve got it covered! Here’s a guide to help you implement a solid omnichannel customer support strategy.

The Art of Crafting Customer Service Philosophy For Your Brand

For any customer service philosophy to work, the support teams need to adhere to the core values of that philosophy. If the team fumbles on "What are our core values, again?" then it'll become impossible for you to tie any philosophy into your brand identity. Here’s a guide to help you frame the most authentic customer service philosophies.

How to Improve Digital Customer Experience: Six Tips No One Will Tell You

Forbes reported that recently eCommerce penetration hit 21.3% in 2020, up from 15.8% in 2019. The need for a seamless digital customer experience is important now more than ever. So, how are you as a brand planning to meet these demands? Here's a guide to help you through.

Top 10 Helpdesk Software in 2022

Helpdesk software has become absolutely essential for businesses. Especially the ones who look forward to scaling and expanding their customer base in near future. After all, everyone wants to see their customers delighted about their products and keep their customer support team motivated. But how do you pick the best one that works for you? Here’s a guide to help you out!

Improving Customer Experience By Creating An Omnichannel Muscle

Here’s a quick guide on the relevance of omnichannel support in today’s world and how it can help brands improve overall customer experience. Also find six tips to build a solid omnichannel muscle for your business.

How Ticketing Systems Drives A Superior Customer Service: A Complete Guide

Tired of your old, worn out, outdated ticketing system? Worry not! Here’s everything you need to know about the latest online ticketing system trends. Click on this informative guide that talks about the benefits, know-hows, market scenario, trends, and features of the ticketing systems that help drive better customer experience.

Customer Support Helpdesk for Hospitality and Travel Industry

Here’s a detailed evaluation of helpdesk for the hospitality and travel industry. Read ahead to find out the benefits, needs and elements of a helpdesk for hospitality.

Enterprise Service Desk: Principles, Business Benefits and More

The future calls for advanced solutions to enterprise problems. Enterprise help desks have become a crucial element in providing customer support. The future is dynamic, but is your enterprise service desk next-gen? Click here to learn more about enterprise help desk and the principles that you must keep in mind while seeking an enterprise solution for your business.

Customer Support in Healthcare and How to Ace it

Find out how digitization in healthcare is leading to better customer support and how you can leverage this digitization to ace the customer support for healthcare organization.

How to Build a Thriving Customer Support (Revamp Your Current Support)

Brands are investing heavily in inculcating qualitative customer support as innovation has become crucial. Legacy methods won't make companies as profitable as they used to. The reactive approach will no longer work; companies must strive to be proactive. If you are willing to take this proactive path, here are seven trends to help you build thriving customer support.

Most Epic Customer Service Fails and What Brands Should Learn From Them

Any company would want to jump at the chance to prevent #customerservicefails. But what about the issues that do not come with big, red, flashing warning lights. How do you tackle those? Here are seven customer service fails and key takeaways to learn from.

Customer Service Policies: Importance, Benefits and Effective Ways to Create Them

Customer service is a philosophy. We live in the age of customer-centricity where every brand needs customer-centric service policies to reach their targets. Any company who thinks otherwise need to change their approach right now! Read ahead to find out the fundamentals of customer-centric policies and where to begin while framing one for your business.

Customer Pain Points: How to Acknowledge, Identify, and Resolve

Find out how to identify, address, and resolve customer pain points for your business. Here are a few steps to help you through.

Customer Retention Strategies: A Complete Guide + Popular Examples to Learn From

Often, businesses are tired of their churn rates. There's so much to deal with, from catching up with the latest tech trends to improving customer experience. And on top of that, there are dissatisfied customers to deal with. If you do not have appropriate strategies in place, your business will suffer.

4 Reason Why You Need an ECommerce Ticketing System

Nowadays, customers expect personalised treatment from eCommerce brands. The smallest of the inconveniences can work against your eCommerce business. This is just one of the many reasons why you must adopt an eCommerce ticketing system. What are the other reasons? Read and find out!

How Remote Teams Can Optimize IT Support with a Helpdesk

Work from home has changed everything for businesses and their employees. It has also brought forward one of the major challenges i.e remote IT support. Read this article to find out how IT help desk software has emerged as a savoir against this challenge and how it helps remote teams optimise their support!

Ways To Ace Personalized Customer Service (& Why You Must!)

Personalization matters more than ever before. Here’s how to leverage customer data and omnichannel support to create personalized customer experiences.

Non-Profit Helpdesk: Importance, and Use-cases

Helpdesks can help non-profits go the extra mile to get things done. A non-profit ticketing software helps you carry out organized and effective fundraising and provide a fulfilling user experience to your donors as well as volunteers. Here’s more on non-profit ticketing software and its know-how.

A Complete Guide To Escalation Management

Companies are on a constant lookout to try to minimize conflicts, especially before they escalate into something extreme that leaves customers agitated. However, conflict (followed by escalation) is an inevitable truth of nature and a necessary byproduct to find out unique feedback to improve your brand. Here’s an A to Z guide to escalation management.

Helpdesk For Education: Features, Importance, and Key Reasons Why Your Organization Needs It

Students are the equivalent of customers in the educational sector. They have specific needs and demands that need to be fulfilled while they study. Here’s an essential guide to understand the need for helpdesks in the educational sector. Walkthrough the twists and turns of customer support in education, followed by a feature analysis.

B2B businesses usually expect efficient customer service. Sometimes they don't want the "fun" customer service gimmicks that B2C brands seem to get away with. Here is a guide to help you understand your b2b customers better. Tag along to find out how to frame relevant b2b customer service strategies and excel it.