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3 Interesting Things about SDL Trados Studio 2014

3 Interesting Things about SDL Trados Studio 2014 As the release of SDL Trados Studio 2014 draws closer, I wanted to reveal a couple of things that might just give you a little time back. Create AutoSuggest Dictionaries with smaller TMs Autosuggest has been a huge success but sadly out of reach for some translators.

What, You're Still Just Social Listening? That's So 2010.

Prior to social listening tools, companies relied mostly on web analytics for real-time data. However, web analytics only told them page visits, length on page, etc. Then (in 2007-2008) came along social listening tools which told companies the volume of mentions for their brand name, product(s), number of tweets and re-tweets, etc.

SDL Trados Studio 2014. The Countdown is on!

Since I joined the SDL team, I have often come across usability related questions and comments from SDL Trados Studio users in the community forums: "where can I find this feature", "I don't know where to start from", "where can I find the right help article for that", etc.

New alignment in SDL Trados Studio 2014 - Easier, faster, smarter.

New alignment in SDL Trados Studio 2014 - Easier, faster, smarter. When developing the new alignment module for SDL Trados Studio 2014 we thought we'd try and take this opportunity to step back and rethink this functionality in a number of ways, leaving no stone unturned.

Sharknado, Plan Nine from Outer Space and the Cult of Customer Experience

Social Media Buzz Sharknado is a great example of customer experience, the movie features a freak tornado catapulting sharks and the Pacific Ocean onto unsuspecting Los Angeles and how the cast members escape from the resulting havoc, and flood of sharks.

email manager intelligent email analytics gallery view heat map

With an ROI up to 4,300 percent, email is a powerful part of any multi-channel customer engagement strategy. With email inboxes overflowing, it's tough to grab customers' attention. Only personal, relevant and engaging messages are going to make it through.

The CMO's Call to Action: The Top Ten Strategies for Marketing Success- an eBook by Grant Johnson

We recently welcomed Grant Johnson to the role of CMO. Turns out he's not only a great CMO, but a great writer.

Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers

One of the more pervasive customer retention strategies out there is the concept of customer "delight". The reason for its popularity is in the seemingly obvious logic of its core tenet - if I surprise and delight my customers at opportune moments across the customer journey they will feel truly valued, never have a reason to leave me and tell all their friends how great I treat my customers.

Online Convergence

The information revolution has presented business with both opportunities and challenges. Once seen as a threat, 'brick-and-mortar' businesses are now realizing that their online channels are driving valuable customers in-store. Even so, many retailers are still managing these channels separately.

A Recap of the SDL Language Platform

This can be anything from communicating with family members in Germany, challenging a fellow gamer in Japan to unlock an exciting new level, to entering a new market by being enabled to communicate in the native language of the other organization.

Machine Translation: the Digital Forensics investigator's best new friend

One the most important branch of forensic science is digital forensics, dealing with the recovery and investigation of materials found in digital devices such as personal computers, mobile phone and external storage devices. Also called computer forensics, operations within this space is a critical step in the legal prosecution and courts of laws.

Resolving Gender Bias in Machine Translation

Comments on a Recent Fast Company Article I recently read an article in Fast Company by Neal Ungerleider that covered gender bias that occurs with machine translation. When we talk about MT, we typically focus on the utility of machine translation, how it helps fill translation gaps, and where it is the most applicable.

Preparing Social Data for Advanced Analytics

Preparing Social Data for Advanced Analytics Social data, like other data sets, is completely unstructured and enormous in size. In order to gather insights from advanced analytics, the data first needs to be pre-processed.

Technology Innovation video blog

Dennis van der Veeke, CTO at SDL, shares technology innovation videos in his SDL video blog.

innovate awards customer experience

Our Customers and Partners Honored at Innovate Earlier this month, our partners and customers took a trip to San Jose, Calif. These industry leaders weren't on vacation. They were there to participate in our Innovate Conference, where industry leaders shared their insights on improving the customer experience.

Alma Siller Enlightens at Innovate 2013

How United Airlines Delivers Global Content We just wrapped up a hugely successful Innovate 2013 and were so pleased to be able to interact with our users and prospective customers in such an exciting environment. The opportunity to meet and reconnect with SDL customers or partners is always something I look forward to the most at networking events and conferences.

Into the Experience Tier with Stephen Powers on Working Lunch

In this episode of Working Lunch, a regular video series on the issues of the day for content management professionals, respected industry analyst Stephen Powers of Forrester Research shares with us his view of a decoupling of WCM, which in his view is being driven by the need to deliver a contextualized experience made up of relevant content, transaction capability and channel optimization in the real world ecosystems of different content repositories, back office systems and web delivery infrastructures.

Radically Simplified Translation (Blog Post Series)

Driving for integrated translation and seamless usability. Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, said in a Charlie Rose interview earlier this year, "It's really complex to make something simple... My goal is to simplify complexity." Wise words on behalf of Mr. Dorsey as many industries today are looking to make their complex solutions simple and easy to use for the masses.

Search experience optimization is the future of SEO

If you ask anyone what SEO stands for, they'll usually say, "search engine optimization." This answer makes absolute sense, since it refers to the original meaning of SEO when it was coined back in the 90's. In those days, webmasters kept themselves busy trying to make their websites as flashy and attractive as they could using the technology of the time.

NLP Trends

NLP Trends - NAACL'2013 My favorite papers at the NAACL'2013 conference in Atlanta last week were "Learning a Part-of-Speech Tagger From Two Hours of Annotation" (Dan Garrette and Jason Baldridge, University of Texas at Austin) and "Improved Reordering for Phrase-Based Translation with Sparse Features" (Colin Cherry, NRC Canada).

infogroup partnership intelligent marketing suite

We have good news on the partnership front. We're continuing to team up with Infogroup Targeting Solutions (Infogroup), one of our partners who has been with us for more than a decade. I've been with SDL for much of this relationship and have seen first hand how this benefits our clients.

Things are about to get weird. Are you ready? Part 1. Thoughts around my talk at Forrester's Customer Experience Forum

It looks like the organizations who haven't wrapped their hearts and minds around Customer Experience Management (CXM) are in for a very bumpy ride. Forrester's Kerry Bodine and Ron Rogowski recently predicted that late adopters may even begin to panic and turn to shortcuts to catch up.


I'm excited to introduce Specialty Fashion Group (SFG) at the Customer Relationship Management Conference in Chicago on Tuesday, June 18. Kerr Maclean, general manager of Customer Insights at SFG, will talk about how retailers can make omni-channel marketing a reality.

4 Personas to Target in the Lip Balm Industry

I've had the privilege for the last three years to be part of an innovative research team. I've spent my time working with the upper echelon of brilliant and talented people to achieve one thing, using social media as a solid form of research.

Woody Allen Was Wrong. You Need to Do More than Just Show Up

The world is cluttered and there is a lot of noise. As discussed in my previous blog, the Gen Y kids and consumers are becoming deaf and blind to a lot of the messaging people are putting out there.