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Updated by Viktoriya Hopperstad on Jul 13, 2023
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Chairman & CEO Sean Brehm introduces CrowdPoint Technologies

The tables are turning! The days of Big Tech and hackers mining, stealing and selling our personal data for profit are NUMBERED!
If you would like a seat at this table, listen to Sean Brehm Founder and CEO of Crowd Point Technologies! Thank you Sean for your vision and leadership. Learn more!
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  • Over a decade ago I founded Vika's Essentials - plant-based organic skincare made from the world's finest botanicals. My passion is a holistic approach to healing, health, and beauty. On the Advanced Medicine Exchange, I offer people worldwide safe, natural products and holistic services. “AME” is powered by CrowdPoint's Blockchain technology. A place where health-oriented people can shop with confidence, knowing that the product has been vetted and that their personal data is safe. Join me in my journey with Advanced Medicine and learn about the power and possibilities of having your own Blockchain identity!

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