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Software Development for Startups: Insights, Trends, Market

All things web and mobile app development, IT outsourcing, and IT consulting


Digital Product Design Team: Roles And Responsibilities — Mobindustry

A good product design team will do a great job in developing your product ✅ So let's find out what are the roles and responsibilities of each member of the product design team ✅ As a bonus: discover how to build a product design dream team

How to Create Web Dashboards for IoT Devices | Mobindustry

Custom web dashboards for IoT devices, or off-the-shelf solutions in an IoT platform? ✔️ Read this to choose the best option for your IoT application

Useful Libraries for Flutter Development Productivity — Mobindustry

Flutter is an open-source framework widely used in app development ✅ We will briefly address some good libraries for Flutter development productivity ✅ Read the article to know more

Hiring a Web Developer: How to Find Web Developers for Your Project — Mobindustry

Learn how and where to find and hire a web developer ✔️ Use the best way to outsource your project to a dedicated team of professional developers for a reasonable cost

How to Build a Smart Home System: Guide for Developing a Home Automation App — Mobindustry

Smart home devices are one of the most popular consumer uses of IoT technology✔️ Learn how to create your own home automation software for your IoT business

How to Create Your Own Custom Vacation Rental App Like Vrbo — Mobindustry

How to launch your own Vrbo-like app but with custom features and designs? ✅ Let’s see in detail ✅ What is the Vrbo app, what is it stand for, and how to build an app like Vrbo? ✅ Know more from our article

IoT for sustainability: Examples and Best Practices — Mobindustry

IoT can help you with greater sustainability and lower energy costs but that's not all ✅ Let's look into how the Internet of Things can impact the planet in different areas and help make the world more sustainable

How to Build an App Like Yelp: Must-Have Features and Technologies | Mobindustry

Learn everything about how to build an app like Yelp from our review: from must-have features to the best business model.

Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services — Independent Software Testing | Mobindustry

Our experience in providing software testing services allows us to test software in the most fast and efficient way. By outsourcing QA to a software testing company, you save money without sacrificing quality. Contact us today!

How to Redesign a Digital Product: Step by Step Guide

Why and When Redesigning a Product Is a Good Idea? ✅ How to Redesign a Digital Product Effectively? 👍 Read Our Article to Know More

What are Constraints in a Software Development Project and How to Deal with Them Without Sacrificing the Quality

Learn about examples of project management constraints in software development and find out how to manage them with proper tools for project analysis

How to Choose Technologies for Your Mobile Project: Top Frameworks for Mobile App Development

Learn about the best frameworks for app development through a comparison and pick perfect technologies for your native or cross-platform project

UI/UX Design Services - Custom App and Web Design | Mobindustry

Get a beautiful and clear interface that connects you with your customers and increases their satisfaction, conversion, and revenue for your business

How to Create an App Like Credit Karma: Must-Have Features and Technologies

Want to build a credit score app? Learn from the Credit Karma business model and get advice on features and technologies for your own app

UI/UX Mobile App Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

Find out more about the latest mobile app UI/UX design trends and practices.

Apps for Parents: Market Overview, Types, and Examples | Mobindustry

Parenting is hard. Mobile apps exist to make things easier, and parents really need a hand when it comes to raising a child. Thankfully, the mobile market has lots of things to offer. In this article we explore types of apps that help people become good parents.

Best Practices of Third-Party API Integrations in Web Development

Learn about all the challenges, benefits and types of APIs, as well as third-party integration best practices you can apply in your own web project

Smart Contract Development Essentials

In this article, we dive into the world of smart contracts by discussing their benefits and development challenges. We give you a few tips on how to make a smart contract and provide you with a list of essential smart contract development tools.

Developing an On-Demand Service App: Features, Costs, and Technologies

In this article, we dive into the world of on-demand service apps. Fid out what are the basic features and technologies of an on-demand app, and how much would it cost to build one.

White-Label Apps vs Custom Apps: Choose the Best Option for Your Business

White-label apps vs custom apps: learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each and consider the best option for your business

How to Create a Buy Now Pay Later App Like Klarna or Afterpay

In this article, we dive into the world of buy now, pay later app development and provide you with examples of the best apps on the market.

Flutter App Development Services | Mobindustry

Want to create a reliable cross-platform app within weeks and test your idea? Flutter technology provides apps with native feel for half as much effort

How to Find and Hire a UI/UX Designer for Your Software Development Project

Are you planning to hire a UI/UX designer for your web or mobile app project? Find tips on how to hire effectively in this article.

Best Retail Apps to Learn from for Improving the In-Store Experience 

In this article, we’ll look at success stories of famous brands and discuss why your business needs a mobile app.

10 Best Project Management Software Tools for Managing External IT Teams

In this article, we talk about the importance of project management software tools for managing external IT teams. And also provide you with a list of ten best project management tools.