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Updated by Matt Cook on Nov 29, 2021
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How to Lay Fake Grass on A Balcony in 8 Easy Steps

The benefits of having a balcony are clear. You can sit outside your balcony, enjoy your early morning breakfast by soaking up the sun and some fresh air. While laying the artificial grass for your balconies you have to first choose the type of grass to go with. Grasses which has a shorter pile are the best choice for balconies. Installing artificial turf on your balcony gives you the look and feel of having a yard without the muss and fuss of mowing, trimming, and weeding. Below are some easy tips for you on how you can lay your artificial grass on a balcony.


Sweep The Floor

Sweep The Floor

Before installing the artificial grass make sure that the floor you are going to install your turf on is clean. Remove all the trash that may get stuck with the artificial grass and make the final result looks bumpy. Even if there is a small piece of trash left behind it can get stuck with the artificial turf and make it damage. That small trash makes little holes that weaken the overall structure.


Measure The Floor

Measure The Floor

Before planning to lay artificial grass on your balcony make sure to use tape to take the measurement correctly. The artificial grass you bought without even measuring most likely won't fit into your balcony, so your money will be wasted as well. So make sure to measure the length and width, carefully, give rooms for a few centimeters, and mark your preferred width and lengths end.


Lay Out The Grass

Lay Out The Grass

Once you have cleaned the floor and taken the right measurements, it is time to unfurl the artificial grass. Lay it out to cover the length and width you have measured. Remember not to fully cover the area wall to wall. You can leave some bare floor or choose to lay the artificial grass in the center of the balcony as an accent to your balcony decor.


Trim The Excess

After you have taken the correct measurement, it is time to trim the excesses. You can draw out a line on the boundary with chalk and a ruler, and cut it out. You can use the knife to cut out the remaining part of the grass. Make sure to keep your hand steady to avoid cutting away from the lines you've drawn.


Join The Grass

After you finish cutting your grass make sure to join the grass at some intersections. For combining the grass you need to use joining tape instead of glue. Joining it by tape makes it easier if in the future you can your mind and decide to move your artificial turf.


Use Glue Around The Perimeter

One place to use glue when laying artifical turf on your balcony is around the edges. The reason for this is to hold the turf in place. However, you need to leave some gaps, in the beading to allow proper drainage. Also, make sure that the edges that extend to the doorways are properly attached to avoid trip hazards.


Press Down The Edge

Once you have completed the laying process, press down the edge to ensure the solid layer and have a good binding between the surface and the grass.


Brush The Grass

After the grass is properly laid, the last step left is to brush the grass. This is partly to get rid of any dirt that may have been tacked on during the laying process, it will also bring out the elegance of your newly installed artificial grass.




A balcony garden with artificial grass looks aesthetically pleasing, lush green all year around. Unlike real grass, it does not get damaged by bad weather conditions like rain or harsh sunlight. You can buy artificial grass as it is less costly and more durable.