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Why Having a Beach Villa in Bali is Good for Singaporeans

Today, Bali is home to some the most talked about luxurious villas in the world. And with direct flight only take about 2 hours 50 minutes from Changi to Ngurah Rai international airport, Bali become the perfect holiday getaway or even destination and honeymoon wedding for many Singaporeans. So, should Singaporeans consider owning an vacation home in this Bali?


Own A Vacation House in Bali for Any Impromptu Getaway

Own A Vacation House in Bali for Any Impromptu Getaway

Picturing yourself to spend many vacations in Bali? No more hassles with searching best hotel deals. Also, leave all your DVDs & necessities at your beach villa to pack more fancy dresses to Bali.


Home Away from Home

Having a vacation home means you can go to somewhere warm, snug, and peaceful at any time. It's like having a home away from home. So, whether you need a break from work or some time to relax, you know it'll be there when you need it.


A Lower Per-Vacation Cost

Did you know that buying and keeping a beach villa in Bali is much less expensive than taking a two-week holiday every year? Over the course of ten years, a two-week holiday overseas might rapidly add up, but maintaining a vacation rental will only cost you a fraction of that.


Feels Safe to Bring Fur-Babies to Vacation

Feels Safe to Bring Fur-Babies to Vacation

If you have a pet, there's no need to leave them at home; your vacation house is just as pet-friendly as your primary residence!


Rent It Out the Beach Villa Bali for Some Cash

The beautiful thing about having a beach villa in Bali is that you can rent it out and make some money. Sure, it takes a bit more effort on your part, but renting means you don't have to worry about robberies or maintenance, and you can earn some extra money.


Or Make Your Oceanfront House Bali for Full-time Serious Business

Or Make Your Oceanfront House Bali for Full-time Serious Business

The influx of travelers to Bali has seen a remarkable growth. The strong tourism figures in Bali have also ushered in the popularity of “apart-hotels”. The apart-hotel concept is refreshing as investors can count on the strong tourism numbers to support hotel occupancy rates in such assets, especially in an established international tourist destination like Bali.


Taking the Benefit of Relaxed Foreign Property Ownership Law

Foreigners can already own landed property in Indonesia under a 30-year, 20-year, 30-year program. Foreigners are allowed to own the property for 30 years at first, with a 20-year extension after that, and then another 30 years.


Taking the Opportunity of Future Tourism

According to Global Property Guide, which follows real estate markets throughout the world, a villa in Bali costs between US$1,100 and US$2,300 per square metre. Indonesia's attraction for second homebuyers has grown significantly as a result of Widodo's re-election, the country's stable economic growth, and the government's desire to invest in infrastructure.