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Updated by Sylvia Cromwell on Aug 17, 2022
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Top ten reasons for joining the Vogon Blockchain

Crowdpoint Vogon Blockchain, is backed by real silver, and offers continuous interest based leads to sellers while offering reduced pricing for products and services for consumers due to our smart contracts that eliminate all the middle men. A truly innovative and unique opportunity for buyers and sellers. We aim to put the human identity first and is the driving force of our blockchain. We give 50% of our fees back to each consumer’s digital wallet every time they make a purchase. Sellers save on fees by utilizing our Crowdpoint bank and eliminate fees to the middle man. Join us today to free your digital human identity and start earning money for every purchase you make on our blockchain. Sellers can now save on costs that they can pass on to the consumer. It will help all of us as we pave the way to a free and more honest approach to doing e-commerce. You are rewarded for sharing your data, instead of a few large corporations monetizing on your digital purchases and identity. For more information, click on this link



Reason #10 -Vogon Blockchain speed is unmatched

Reason #10 -Vogon Blockchain speed is unmatched

Our Vogon Blockchain Technology is exceptionally fast! It consumes very low energy, thus making it efficient, affordable, and desirable world-wide. Other blockchains use a large amount of energy that has no practical value for the processing itself and limits proof of work blockchains to only being able to use the processing power of one note at any given time to add a block to the Blockchain. This means that even if there are a million nodes competing, only one wins the right toa dd a block to the Blockchain. By comparison, our Vogon Blockchain leverages all the nodes in the network to do useful work simultaneously. 100 Vogons can perform hundreds of times more work per unit time, than thousands of Bitcoin miners. Vogons get faster when you add more and you don't need large numbers of them. It's like comparing a simple combustion engine against a warp drive.