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List of famous deserts in Abu Dhabi - Experience the wonder of the desert!

Deserts in Abu Dhabi are some of the largest in the world and an integral part of their tourism industry. Find many activities such as dune bashing to camping under the stars in the seemingly endless stretches of sun and sand.


Rub' al Khali

It is also recognised as the Great Sandy Desert or the Empty Quarter is the biggest sand desert in the world! The extent of which is about 250,000 square miles. It is furthermore one of the most significant deserts out there. There are enormous resources of petroleum and natural gas underneath its sands. The dunes in the desert are so tall that it is practically impossible for humans to walk over them. A visit to the famous desert will be an amazing experience for sure. Apart from Arabian hospitality, all types of travellers, be it a solo traveller or a couple, anyone can have an adventure of a lifetime here. There are dawn desert treks, camel trekking, dune crossing along with camp-fire barbecues, biking and an Abu Dhabi spa to name a few.
While there, try to get near the tallest dune in the world, Tel Moreeb. The name implies Terrifying Mountain! Above 300 metres in height and possessing a 50° incline, this is a dream for expert bikers and motorists to ascend to the peak. It is a competitive activity throughout the Moreeb Hill Climb event held each year. Plus, the accommodation feels like it's out from a movie set. Find super gorgeous places like Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara nestled among the vast stretches of sand.


Al Badayer desert

This desert is renowned for holding some of the best dunes in the UAE. It is where you will find the famous 'Big Red'. Thrill-seekers can try out desert driving, quad biking or dune-bashing, all of which are available from dawn to sundown. Guests will surely relish witnessing the sunset over the sandhills or tenting beneath the stars.


The Liwa Oasis

It is a large crescent-shaped oasis of around 100 km and located at 220 km northward of Abu Dhabi bordering the northern end of Saudi Arabia's Empty Quarter -the Ruba' Al Khali. The Oasis is important for its cultivations and pasturage productions for the UAE. Thus, the Oasis is a crucial aspect of the country and particularly necessary for the maintenance of UAE's agricultural communities and their economies. The desert life you will witness here is an authentic and fascinating account of what life holds for those living amid a desert.
Liwa Oasis holds over 50 villages. A most interesting aspect is the contemporary leaders of several Emirati cities belong to families from the Bani Yas tribe found in the Liwa Oasis. Traces of royalty is still present in certain areas of the Liwa Oasis. Furthermore, Liwa Oasis is presently well connected to the Emirates by roadways due to its significance to the UAE. The Oasis further has some of the largest dunes perfect for racing.