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The Top Shanghai Dishes You Must Eat- A nuanced palatial mosaic

Dubbed as the 'Paris' of the Orient, Shanghai is a dizzying medley of vibrant tradition and innovative modernity, and its iconic cuisine is no exception! Whether you're into comforting street food or haute dining, here are some must-try delicacies.


A City of Contrasts

The best destinations are those that offer experiential escapades for every kind of traveller, and China's glamorous economic powerhouse fulfils this criterion. From legendary remnants of lost empires to an ever-expanding horizon of cutting-edge skyscrapers, as well as irresistible shopping and sightseeing incentives, this thriving city changes from week to week, with new delights in store for avid visitors. And if you enjoy a subtle explosion of diverse flavours to tantalize your taste-buds, from the tang of sugar and soy sauce to the piquant creaminess of chilli and peanut paste, you're in for gastronomic bliss!


Soup-soaked dumplings

For fireworks on your tongue and cosy warmth that you'll feel from head to toe, the local staple of Xiao Long Bao, melt-in-the-mouth dumplings stuffed with meat and piping hot broth, is an unmissable sensory euphoria. Eating this mind-blowing soul food without scalding your mouth is an art form, however, and the best strategy is to cut lightly through the delicate bao skin to let the steam out, then tackle the soup before biting into it.


Crispy Shanghai-fried noodles

Not too soggy with an irresistible crunchy texture and packed with the punch of scallion oil and seafood stock or the usual MSG, soy, and sugar tang mixed with egg, meat, and veg stir-fry. You can either hit the street market stalls or drop by an upmarket restaurant for intriguing variations of this Shanghai favourite.


Decadent Desserts

From flaky Portuguese tarts filled with decadent egg custard courtesy of Lilian Cake Shop to crunchy caramel-coated strawberry kebabs and the tropical fruit-covered pavlova from 'M on the Bund', there's no shortage of classy eateries and friendly vendors to satisfy a wildly sweet tooth! If you're searching for Shanghai serviced apartments a hop away from the best eateries and recreation hubs, look no further than Ascott Heng Shan Shanghai.


Streetside Comfort Food

If you don't want to worry too much about table manners and sample a diverse array of mouthwatering bites, venture out into the bustling outdoor markets of Shanghai. This colourful metropolis is one of the only places where you can start your day with a wholesome Chinese breakfast from the streets, from 'tea eggs' steeped in spices to and warmly sweet soy milk to fluffy and crunchy You Tiao, the Chinese equivalent of churros. For savoury lovers, you can choose between a plethora of tantalizing eats, such as crab shell cake, slippery but delicious eel noodles, and addictive radish fritters with its perfect balance of salty, saucy, and sweet!


A feast of pancakes

The Chinese love their pancakes and are not afraid to get creative, from cult favourites like the Shandong crepe with its rustic filling of egg, scallions, and chicken, to more bougie options in high-fi brunch spots, like zucchini pancakes with a side of lamb or the sugared and spiced masterpieces at Mr Pancake House. Dang Bin is another flavourful option for a brunch or snack, consisting of a grilled burrito-style wrap stuffed with anything you crave from seafood to tofu skins and slathered with a special tangy spicy sauce.

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