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Guide to the Best Forklift Tires – The Heavy-duty Kind

Forklift tires are made to match the heavy-duty work that this tough group of machines perform. They can be categorised into 4 sections, offering varied benefits to the machine. While Pneumatic tires are the most popular, learn more by reading this guide on forklift tires.


Solid Cushion Tires

This type of forklift tire is glued to the wheel because of the tire's vulcanised rubber body. Solid cushion tires are preferred for their easy manoeuvrability, enabled by the low-profile fit of the tire requiring a smaller turning radius. However, a solid cushion tire will not perform well on a gravelly surface and are best suited for paved areas or indoor use, such as warehouses. Solid skid-steer forklift tyres will be your best choice for outdoor use. But the durability of the tire will depend on quality. You can check the range at GRI FIT Australia or any other reputable tire manufacturer to choose the tires that best fit your purpose.


Forklift Cushion Tires

Forklift cushion tires are made of more rubber (than pneumatic ones), offering the rider a safe and comfortable ride. The extra rubber prolongs the life span of these type of tires. Forklift cushion tires fit into a small frame, making it easier for an operator to maneouver their lift. This allows a forklift to be easily navigated between narrow aisles. However, the traction of forklift cushion tires are inferior to that of pneumatic ones, when used in an outdoor context.


Air-filled Pneumatic Tires

These tires are more similar to the pneumatic tires used in a car. They are made with rubber and are air-filled just like a standard pneumatic tire. A good brand of industrial tire will use an A-grade rubber for their air-filled pneumatic tires. This means your machine has good traction because of the deep-tread, and will last longer while handling the toughest of jobs. These factors make the air-filled tire a favoured choice for outdoor use.


Poly Tires

Poly tires are smaller in diameter. And these work well for pallet-type forklifts since this category of forklifts has a wider load-handling feature and performs well on narrow poly tires, easily fitting in-between the openings of a pallet as well as above the racking.


Why Skid-steer Track Forklift Tires Are the Best Choice for Outdoors

If you will be using your forklift in challenging conditions, a skid-steer tire with tracks will be the best choice. These tires offer excellent manoeuvrability and work well outdoors when you have to make your way through wooded areas or rough terrain. Track tires will also help your machine to perform well in muddy environs due to the low ground pressure this type of tire inputs. Therefore, these are also an ideal choice when having to manage a slope.


Using the Skid-Steer with Wheels Indoors

The skid-steer with wheels puts more pressure on the ground and is ideal for indoor use on a solid, smooth, and hard surface. This type of tire moves slower on surfaces and is therefore deemed better and safer for indoor use. Plus, these tires wear down less when used on high-pressure hard surfaces.

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