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4 Reasons to Invest in an ANSUL System for Your Illinois Restaurant

As one of the best names in fire safety, an ANSUL restaurant fire system helps eliminate kitchen fires at their source, and prevent them from ever escallating out of control. Below are four the main reasons your restaurant should invest in an ANSUL system in Illinois today.


Specialized for Restaurant Fire Safety

While you are likely well-aware of this fact, kitchen fires present a unique hazard, and require specialized fire suppression agents to extinguish the flames. Since oils, fats, and grease used in cooking have a much lower liquid density than water, a water-based sprinkler system could actually spread the oils and flames, and make the fire worse. An ANSUL restaurant fire system will utilize a specialized kitchen fire suppressant agent that works quickly and effectively.


Comprehensive Fire Safety System

The ANSUL fire system uses a series of tools for fire safety. Every system has nozzles installed directly over burners, grills, ovens, and other places of high-heat, so the chemical agent can directly impact the flames the moment the temperature threshold is met. Additionally, hood vents above these nozzles help ventilate heat and smoke, further aiding in the flames suppression. Once the ANSUL system has been activated, there is also an automatic gas line shutoff feature that ensures no possibility of the fire continuing on the burner, or reigniting.


Trusted Name in the Industry

ANSUL is one of, if not the top name in kitchen fire suppression equipment. Founded in 1915, they have extensive experience and years of innovations that help them bring the very best technology and quality to you. A fire safety system should be a long-term investment you can count on. In the restaurant industry, staying fire-prepared is a must. Purchasing an ANSUL system is an easy, effective way to ensure you are covered.


Ease of Maintenance

These systems are widely used by restaurants and commercial kitchens around the United States and beyond, and are easy to find repair services for. This ensures should you ever experience a problem, your system will be fixed quickly and your restaurant will minimize any downtime and lost revenue potential. Invest in an ANSUL restaurant fire system today!