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Updated by John Hattaway on Aug 08, 2013
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Ten Horror Movie Lessons for Teens From a Curmudgeon

Kids today. You punks have it easy. It starts on the playground, with that all-rubber-cushioned surface that stops you from getting your precious little knees skinned. Maybe it's the stupid obsession with hand sanitizer your germophobic parents have, or that new crap they tout about how "every kid gets to play" or those stupid participation [...]

Amy's Top Ten "Movies that Move my Ginger Soul"

Make a top-ten movie list, they said. It will be easy, they said. Hurry the hell up, they said. Bologna! I said. Yeah, yeah I'm the movie geek, so you think that is easy to pick a top ten. The very reason that I'm a movie geek is because I LOVE movies, I even love [...]

John's Deserted Planet All-Time Top Ten Movies

Like most people, I have a list of movies I love, love, love. (Thank you Eloise and Mr. Cy.) While not scifi or fantasy, and at times not even overtly GEEK, these are the movies I will go back to again and again (and in some cases buy in every available format) for entertainment.

10 movies that are nothing but swashbuckling, blastery, monstery fun

Don't get me wrong; I appreciate a good, introspective film. What I prefer, however, is a movie with plenty of action in it, wisecracks, explosions, lots of monsters, and characters who are either wearing jerkins or spacesuits. After watching a movie I want to be excited about it that I release my inner nine-year-old, swing [...]