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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 20, 2021
Headline for Essential Travel Accessories to Pack for your Trip to Melbourne – For a hassle-free trip!
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Essential Travel Accessories to Pack for your Trip to Melbourne – For a hassle-free trip!

While Melbourne is a stunning destination to visit, it's one of these places where you need to pack for all four seasons – because you might experience all of it in just one day. Here is a guide on what to pack for Melbourne.



Carrying along a day pack is always a great idea, especially if you are travelling with kids in tow. This way you can carry sun cream, tissues, snacks and wet wipes and other necessities you might need. A top tip when choosing a daypack is to look for a lightweight one that can be easily packed into your main suitcases when not needed.


Collapsible water bottle

It's always a great initiative to do your bit to save the environment, and bring your own refillable water bottles along with you instead of relying on purchasing disposable plastic bottles every day. A collapsible water bottle that can be easily packed in the suitcase when not needed is a great idea.


Travel gadgets

Whether you are travelling solo or as a family, it is inevitable that you will end with multiple accessories that will need charging, camera, tablets and kindles etc. Don't ruin the holiday by fretting over chargers. Simply opt for multiple charging ports instead. Another must-pack item is a travel adaptor. The standard electric voltage in Melbourne City is 230. All electrical sockets in Australia are usually Type 1-3 pin plugs. If you are travelling from a country with a different style plug always make sure to bring your own travel adapter. If you will be doing a lot of sightseeing throughout the day, you do not want to get caught with a low battery phone. Stay prepared with a portable charger power bank – a great tool to have in your travel arsenal when visiting Melbourne.



Bugs are prevalent in Melbourne come in the evening or near the water, and more so during the hotter summer months. Taking along bug spray is highly recommended. It's also a great idea to have some hand sanitiser handy when travelling on public transport or if you can't wash your hands before having a snack or a meal. Including sunscreen on your packing list is a must. Avoid sun damage even in winter by generously applying sun cream every two hours. In terms of toiletries such a soap, shampoo and other bathroom supplies, it is most likely that many places to stay in Melbourne including luxury hotels and resorts the likes of Avani Melbourne Box Hill Residences generally offer these to their guests as a part of the stay.



Melbourne summers can be very hot and do keep in mind there will be rainy days as well. For summer consider packing loose, cotton clothing, comfortable sandals, and walking shores along with a light jacket or cardigan. If you are heading to Melbourne during winter, then dressing in lots of layers will be key. Some must-pack items include warm sweaters, scarves, tights, gloves and waterproof boots, along with a warm winter coat.


Travel accessories for the plane journey

Plane rides can be uncomfortable - especially long ones. So do make sure to pack a comfy travel pillow for some much-needed neck support, along with noise-cancelling headphones if possible. If you are travelling with little kids or will be heading on a long-haul flight, consider carrying a travel leg rest pillow for added comfort.