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Best things to do in Dambulla – A hub for culture and nature

Dambulla is a hub for a diverse array of attractions such as culture and nature. It is also near some of the other major tourist attractions in the country so is a great place to go on a trip to.


Dambulla Cave Temple

This is situated in Dambulla Town and is pretty easy to access. It is an entire complex of caves that provides a home to over a hundred pictures and statues of Buddha. In addition, there are also pictures of ancient kings and gods that you can see in the caves. There is also a section in the attraction that is a temple where religious people can take time to pray and meditate. It has a pretty reasonable entrance fee and is a quick attraction that you can tick of your list.


Sigiriya Rock

This is situated about 30 minutes from Dambulla and is a world-famous attraction. The Sigiriya Rock is known to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is said to be the home of an ancient king of Sri Lanka who used it as a rock fortress to keep his enemies at bay. All Dambulla hotels will recommend that you visit the Sigiriya Rock. The route to the top of the rock is adorned with a mirror wall where there are hundreds of paintings that are believed to belong to ancient times. These paintings are iconic and can be found on Sri Lankan postcards everywhere. Once you get to the top of the rock, you will be able to see the palace complex of the king. One of the greatest wonders about this attraction is the advanced hydrological system that exists. It allows water to be pumped from the ground against gravity with great efficiency. In addition, the rock is also surrounded by an expansive garden complex.


Minneriya National Park

If you are a nature lover staying at Amaya Lake, a visit to the Minneriya National Park is a must. It is home to one of the largest gatherings of elephants anywhere in the world. There is a large field that emerges during the dry season where you can see families of elephants resting, drinking water, and playing. In addition to elephants, you will also see spotted deer, jackals, and other species as well as a range of birds. It is a great spot to take pictures and learn about wildlife. You will also come across several people engaging in research activities inside the park.


Pidurangala Rock

This is believed to be a place to experience a wonderful sunrise in Sri Lanka. It is a pretty easy hike so people tend to start just before sunrise to get there in time. The unique feature of the Pidurangala Rock is that it directly faces the Sigiriya Rock. Therefore, it is a great place to get a magnificent view of the Sigiriya Rock from a distance. You can climb both rocks on the same day, however, make sure to take enough water and food with you.