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Geek Eccentric Podcast 10: Star Trek: Into Darkness and the children of greatness

Podcast #10 features John Hattaway, Mike Fischetti, David Lowry, M.J.Kaufmann and A.J. O'Connell. On the agenda for the evening: Star Trek: Into Darkness. Mike saw it twice. M.J. and David loved it. A.J. refuses to see it. Join the fun as we talk about the movie and fight over Spock.

Morality and Ethics of a Hero

One of the problems I encounter when reading comics or watching TV and movies based on comic book properties is the interpretation of morals and ethics by the characters. I started these posts out of a realized frustration with dissonances noticed in comic books, cartoons, and movies.

Cinque Terre Board Game Review by David Lowry

Life in Cinque Terre is a beautiful sight to behold. A rugged coastal land on the Italian Riviera with five villages close to each other to do business in. Each Player is a farmers vying to harvest and sell produce in each village and become the most popular by fulfilling the most Produce Orders.

Upside Down Review

Upside Down: Adam and Eden fell in love as teens despite the fact that they live on twinned worlds with gravities that pull in opposite directions. Ten years after a forced separation, Adam sets out on a dangerous quest to reconnect with his love. On the whole I was disappointed.

True Blood Recap: "You're No Good" was SO GOOD!

Nothing like the drama of True Blood to put life into perspective, right? It sounds futile but it actually makes sense. Could you dear Geek Eccentric readers imagine dealing with what the supes have to deal with plus trying to live a "normal" (as normal as it can get) life?

Dungeon Heroes by Gamelyn Games Giveaway

Register to win a copy of Dungeon Heroes from Gamelyn Games! A Domestic (US) winner will win a bundle package, the Dungeon Heroes base game as well as both expansions " The Dragon & The Damsel and " Lords of the Undead." An International winner will win a copy of the Dungeon Heroes base game.


Submitting Your Games for Review Manufacturers who are interested in submitting their games should send TWO COPIES of each game submitted to the following address: David Lowry 1044 Needham Dr. Smyrna, TN 3716 Fees for our considering unsolicited games vary, depending on the size of the company and the number of games to be considered for the Geek Eccentric award.

The Geek Eccentric Board Game Awards

Geek Eccentric is excited to announce the new Geek Eccentric Board Game Awards! Purpose: To Promote Board Gaming to a different culture To Promote Excellence in Design and Manufacturing To Promote Excellence in Marketing To Promote Innovation in the Industry To Share our love for an amazing hobby Geek Eccentric will be giving out awards on the following categories.

DVD Day - 7/2/13

This week's batch of new DVDs is quite eclectic, and entirely new to me. All summaries are from IMDB. Anything catch your eye? Horror/Thriller 6 Souls A female forensic psychiatrist discovers that all of one of her patient's multiple personalities are murder victims. She will have to find out what's happening before her time is [...]

In Case You Missed It: Ready Player One

Every so often, a book comes along that readers dive into wholeheartedly, temporarily leaving the real world until they've devoured the world of the novel. While Ready Player One, written by Ernest Cline (screenwriter of the cult classic Fanboys) is not the first installment of a series as so many books these days are, it is certainly a world that readers can't help but to immerse themselves entirely in.

Day of Cosplay - 7/2/13

Here's the first installment of our Day of Cosplay. A weekly collection of some of the cosplay we've seen and enjoyed over the past week. We'll build a gallery and attribute pics as best we can. If we didn't attribute one to you or misattributed it, please let us know.

Dog & Scissors - Anime Review

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou (Dog & Scissors) Episode: 01 - Every Dog Has His Day Release Date: July, 2013 Director: directed by Yukio Takahashi Produced by: Gonzo Genres: comedy, mystery Plot Summary according to the Anime New Network: The absurd mystery comedy centers around Kazuhito Harumi, a high school boy who is obsessed with [...]

Anime Review: Season Finale of The Devil is a Part-Timer

Season Finale, Ep. 13 "The Devil and the Hero Do Some Honest Hard Work" Chiho and Sadao are standing on a rooftop, the sun setting behind them. Sadao, in the full glory of his demon form, has gathered enough magic to return home to Ente Island.

Attack On Titan - Mid Season Review

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Episodes: 01 - 12 (there are a total of 25 episodes slated for release) Release Date: April 6, 2013 Director: Tetsuro Araki Series Composition: Yasuko Kobayashi Script: Yasuko Kobayashi, Hiroshi Seko, Noboru Takagi Produced by: Wit Studio (listed as Giants Advance) Genres: action The anime series Attack on Titan [...]

Look at the Prettties! (Things we saw shopping online.) - Geek Eccentric

Welcome to our new weekly series, Look at the Pretties! a feature which gives me an excuse to spend hours online, shopping for geeky things. This is where we share the best in geeky goods, from Etsy to Ebay to ThinkGeek and beyond.

Geek Eccentric Podcast 11: Are kids killing fandom?

Podcast #11 features John Hattaway, Mike Fischetti, Annemarie Veira, Gabriella Tutino, Brandon Davis, David Lowry, and A.J. O'Connell. Are kids ruining fandom? Is our culture too kid-ified? Check below the player for the breakdown of our conversation. Also, do you have a question for us?

Despicable Me 2 Review

Despicable Me 2: A top secret lab has been stolen, along with a dangerous formula that can turn even a harmless bunny into a ravenous beast. The good guys of the Anti Villain League are stumped, so they call in reformed villain, Gru. But can Gru get the job done now that he is [...]

Disney Infinity: Here's what we know

Hey everyone check out my video discussing most everything we know about the upcoming Disney Infinity game. It's gonna be tons of fun. I'm gonna build my own personal theme park in the toy box mode. What will you build? Source: Michael Fischetti (22 Posts)Media scholar, script writer, and Disney World theme park aficionado.

The Lone Ranger - Great Pulp Fun!

Before I can begin a stellar review of this fantastic film I must say shame on my fellow film critics. The lambasting this film has received is far overblown and with little merit. Does this film try to do a lot? Maybe too much? You bet!

Mr. Daddy - First Post

Hey all. I've been thinking about how to explore the whole geek as personal identifier thing and have realized that along with being a geek, autistic, married, and having a wealth of pop culture knowledge, I'm also a daddy who likes to share some of these things with my (four, almost five year old) son: Mr. Cy.

True Blood Recap: "At Last" Was Devastatingly Predicable

Dan! I think you called it. Last night's episode of True Blood entitled "At Last" left me yawning at twenty-two minutes in and constantly eye rolling after the end of the second act. Even though, there were some slight twists all in all the episode was boring.

Join Geek Eccentric for a Live Tweet Special. - Geek Eccentric

The Free! Iwatobi Swim Club anime has been making quite a splash since it's release on July 4th (God Bless America) and we at Geek Eccentric have decided to check it out for ourselves. Follow our Twitter account on Wednesday July 10th at 2 pm; GE contributing writer and anime aficionado Gabriella will take over our [...]

Geek Eccentric Vlog

John starts his weekly vlog with a short intro. More to come later reviewing Kickstarter backed projects, reviews, the podcasts, and more. Check back, subscribe, and let us know what you think. John Hattaway is the publisher of Geek Eccentric and acts as one of the primary contributors of news and posts.

Precision Machined Dice - Review

Additional links for Precision Machined Dice: Kickstarter page: CRL Products (Cybernetic Research Labs): John Hattaway is the publisher of Geek Eccentric and acts as one of the primary contributors of news and posts. He has an MFA from Fairfield University, currently works at a job he can't talk about, and teaches as an adjunct professor of English.

DVD Day - 7/9/13

This weeks options for new videos. There's some good stuff in the TV section. (All summaries are IMDB unless noted.) Science Fiction The Host In the near future a race of aliens that exist as barely corporeal souls have taken over the earth in order to use humans as host bodies, subsuming their existing souls.