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Headline for Things to do in Pasikuda – Exploring the beautiful coast in the East
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Things to do in Pasikuda – Exploring the beautiful coast in the East

Pasikuda which is situated on the East Coast of Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful destinations in the country. Adorned with stunning beaches, it is the perfect destination for a holiday outdoors.


The basics

The most important thing to know about visiting Pasikuda is that you will be surrounded by beaches. Most Pasikuda hotels have their private beach and there are also several public beaches in the area. So make sure that you are prepared for sun and sand-filled vacation when you drive over the coastal town. Another important thing to remember is that Pasikuda is a very quiet and isolated town. Unlike the beaches in the Southern part of Sri Lanka, Pasikuda doesn't have a buzzing tourist scene. Instead, it is more beloved by those who want a tranquil getaway. You can experience some of the most beautiful sunrises and take long undisturbed walks while there.


Explore the fishing scene

Pasikuda is known as the "City of Singing Fish". When at Amaya Beach, one thing you definitely must do is explore the fishing scene in the town. There are some key spots on the beach that fishermen use to bring in their catch. The atmosphere when this happens is thrilling with dozens of men and women dragging in the nets full of fish. The boats are vibrant and many. There are certain local words that you will hear over the noise as people arrive to buy the freshest of the fish early morning. This is a great place for photography.


Water sports

As an area where beaches are the main attractions, it is not a surprise that there is an abundance of water sports to engage in. One of the most fun things to do is scuba diving. The corals on the coast off Pasikuda are some of the most beautiful in the whole country. You may also come across shipwrecks if you go far and deep enough. Several instructors can provide you with guidance if you're interested in scuba diving. Additionally, snorkelling is an activity that most beginners like to take up. This requires very little skill and can be learned by anyone over a few minutes. It will also allow you to see the beauty of the ocean floor while being safe. Both these activities are best done during the non-rainy season since the water tends to be clearer and easier to navigate.


The Lagoons

While the beaches are the more charismatic natural parts of Pasikuda, Batticaloa, the district that Pasikuda belongs to is also home to a network of lagoons. The lagoons are home to a wide array of birds and marine life and are perfect for those who love observing and learning about nature. In addition, some boats take you on tours and fishermen that engage in inland fishers that you can talk to. To see the true beauty of the lagoons, you will have to spend a few hours there and consult a guide who can teach you more.