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While there are distinct benefits to leasing, there are some things to be aware of. We are going to reveal some tips that can help keep you on the right track and get the best car lease deals. Contact us at or call us at (718) 648-8822 for more info.


Know What You Want

Find the vehicle you like, identifying its model year, the make and model, and the trim level. In case you struggle to choose, your personal lease expert at will help you.


Customize the mileage to suit your needs

To get your annual mileage, choose a week that fits your normal driving habits and multiply the total miles covered by 52. After doing this, add in 5% extra of your total yearly miles for any unplanned journeys, this way you have some wiggle room in case you need it.


Consider 0 down payment

Consider starting your lease with no money out of pocket, especially if your lease has a very low money factor.

If you’re leasing a vehicle with a high selling price and a high money factor, you may be better off initiating that lease with a significant down payment.


Know Your Numbers

Knowing how much you can afford to spend each month on a car lease will help you decide which type of car to choose. Ultimately it will mean a lot less stress for you when it comes to the monthly payments.


Check breaking lease penalties

Knowing the fees you might be charged for may be unpleasantly surprising. So it’s better to make sure you know what things you are responsible for.


Consider high residual value vehicles

To keep your monthly payments as low as possible, look for cars that don’t depreciate faster than average and hold their value.


Negotiate your lease price

With there will be no need to negotiate too much as we offer the cheapest deals possible for your choice of make and model.

Get your Free Consultation at (718) 648-8822 today and your personal lease expert will talk you through each and every detail of your lease deal.