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Alexa Setup +1 844-601-7233 Alexa Helpline

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How to Setup Alexa: Read here:


Fix: Alexa Setup And Alexa Not Responding | +1 844-601-7233

Fix: Alexa Setup And Alexa Not Responding | +1 844-601-7233

How To Alexa Setup & Alexa Not Responding Problem Solve: Read This Article Or Contact Us Today

We know, today Alexa is a very famous device, and Amazon Alexa works as a virtual Voice assistant with Echo devices. Only needs a given only one voice commands, will work together and perform the task. But sometimes this can't happen and they will not together work through commands. This is due to many reasons behind & users also complaint about Why My Echo Show Not Responding to Voice Commands? and Alexa is not working.
In this blog we will guide how to fix the problem of Amazon Alexa is not working.

Most Common reason behind Why Alexa not responding

It will be very difficult to troubleshoot the problem without finding the reason. Now find the cause of the Echo Dot Not responding.

  • Wi-Fi Is not working
  • Wi-Fi router is far from the Alexa device
  • Another device gives interference
  • Wi-Fi Speed issues
  • Alexa Outdated App uses Alexa Having Trouble Understanding your voice, that you can say To change the command words frequently

Why My Alexa is Not responding to my Voice commands?

Now we discuss troubleshooting methods to fix the Alexa Not responding issues.

Check the Power and internet connection in your Echo device

  • Firstly, you have to need to check the internet connections and power access point. check your power plug that will connect with your power socket board with insert properly and make sure the power adapter working conditions.
  • You can try to connect the same router Wi-Fi network and check it will work fine. If you have some issues with the network, then restart your router and device. If again arise problem, then you will contact with ISP (internet service provider)

Make sure your Microphone button is Turn on condition

Sometimes, most users forget the turn on the microphone button and they will give the command continuously and Alexa shows not responding. So, check your microphone button is turn On conditions.

Connect the Echo and Smart device with the same network

In many cases users already connect their smartphone and Echo device with the different networks then it will create a problem for Alexa not responding. So make sure to connect with the same network devices.

Alexa Echo device should be in Wi-Fi range

Sometimes we see the Alexa is not working due to the user Echo device and the Smartphone device is not in the wireless range and shown the Alexa Won’t connect to Wi-Fi. So, make it possible to keep your both devices in the Wireless network range. Make sure you will not use the Wi-Fi extender and used it as a direct connectivity range.

Restart Alexa devices

If your Above situation is working fine, but show as Alexa Offline then you need to one most time to restart your Alexa device. Mostly the time restart the device automatically fix your Alexa is not responding Problem.

Check Your Wi-Fi router

Sometimes your wireless connection is down then Alexa shows not responding to voice commands then you will need to check wireless working or not working through different devices.

Check What Alexa Heard your voice

When you give voice command wrong then Alexa didn't listen properly. You will give the command for playing the song, but Alexa listens differently and not understand your voice. You will that time change your voice words and say properly.

Reset your Alexa

If you have tried the above instructions and Alexa not responding problem is still, there then you can try to reset the Alexa device.
Open the Alexa App and you will go to the "devices"
Check here from the list and click On your Echo device
Scroll down the mouse cursor and click on Factory Reset.
Resetting the Alexa device changes, the default setting. Then after you need to again setup, your Alexa devices.

Now, how to set up the Alexa Device?

  • You have to need to follow the instructions steps For How to Set up Alexa device.
  • First, you have to need to download the Alexa App through the Play store
  • In the right Corner to Select the device.
  • On the Top, right you can Press the + button.
  • Add the device here and press on the Echo device icon
  • Use Power adapter and plug in your Echo Dot setup
  • Then you will see here the blue light ring has turned orange. That means your Echo device is in setup mode
  • Now, wait for the Echo show on your smartphone
  • If Not show on your phone, then go to the Wi-Fi setting and select the Wi-Fi Network
  • Now your device is connecting with Echo and Then Enter the passwords
  • Now Congratulations, you have completed the Alexa Setup If You are facing a problem with the Alexa App setup, Alexa Echo Download, and Alexa is not responding error then contact the Alexa Helpline expert team they will resolve the Alexa issues.
Fix the problem of Alexa not responding to Voice commands +1 844-601-7233

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