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Top 19 Selec Products that every factory needs

Selec Controls Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s leading companies in electrical measuring & protection, power quality, factory automation & process control having a market reach in over 75+ countries worldwide with three subsidiaries Selec GmbH Germany, Selec Controls USA, and Selec Australia. It has inbuilt core competencies in the domains of manufacturing, design, tooling, and plastic manufacturing complying with global standards. The company is present globally with a wide network to support its customers at every step. Selec has an in-house R&D team as well as tools and mold design machines which helps us to customize the products as per the customize/new requirements. All products are as per IEC Standards and products are UL, CE, ROHS, MID, ASTA approvals confirming the quality of products. Selec products are ISO compliant, designed to meet international standards in safety and performance. High Quality products at affordable prices, makes Selec products very desirable. Here are the 19 popular Selec Products that every factory should have for better measurement, protection and control.



Advanced Static VAr Generator

Advanced Static VAr Generator

Advanced Static VAr Generator is used to improve Power Factor, mitigate harmonics up to 15th order and manage load unbalances, thus improving the Power Quality. It is capable to provide Inductive or Capacitive power. Provides Instantaneous and stepless compensation for dynamic reactive power & unbalanced load.

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Static Voltage Regulator

They are ideal solution for voltage conditioning as it can overcome under-voltage, over-voltage, sudden shocks, short-circuits, and many other problems which can damage crucial loads. They do not include moving part inside it and they are quick response time with IGBT controlled digital technology. They can be used in Heavy machinery/ industrial appliances as well as residential appliances.

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Micro Modular PLC - MiBRX

Selec offers a breakthrough innovation 'MiBRX' PLC product line which comes with tailored technology that fits into any kind of applications and solutions. Its a Modular PLC which reduces multiple discrete and custom solutions to low cost yet powerful solutions. If offers Rail and Panel mount solutions with Micro Modular IO cards.

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Solar On Grid Inverters

Selec has ventured into Green Energy Initiative with Solar On Grid Inverter(GTI). These BIS certified GTIs comes up with Selec IoT subscription. With a wider MPPT voltage range, these devices are suitable for residential as well as small industry rooftop solutions.

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Selec provides Modular yet Economical PLC Flexys solutions with functions like IO Expansion, Inbuilt RTC and optional graphic display. Product is available in both Rail and Panel mountings. Product is widely used in machine and process automation with vast application coverage.

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Selec provides Range of resistive Touch HMI with Data Logging, Recipe, RTC, Inbuilt Buzzer, Ethernet, and Serial Communication features. It can be configured and programed with a user friendly windows based software. HMI's are used for Robust applications in industries like Printing and Packaging, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, food and Scientific, etc.

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Variable Frequency Drive

These are general purpose Drives with V/F Control, Built-in PI Control, AVR, Protection against UV, OV, UC, OC, OL, etc., and Modbus communication. Single/Three phase variable frequency drives are Compact & Economic high powered inverter with V/F Control. These drives support heavy duty applications with higher loads and protects the motor with its best protection features.

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Multifunction meters

Selec multimeters can measure voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor, energy, etc. These multifunction meters are suitable for EMS applications can be used in control panels, motor control centers, power distribution panels, plant monitoring, and control systems.

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Digital Panel Meters

Selec digital panel meters are available in 4 different sizes with LED & LCD display for measurement of Voltage & Current. Volt-Amp meters are available for voltage & current measurement in a single meter. VAF meters measure Voltage, Current, & Frequency with RPM & RUN hour. Single phase multifunction meter can work as a DPM or Multifunction meter, Variant available with alarm and communication.

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Current Protection Relays

Current Protection Relays helps to protect the load from Over/under Current and Current Asymmetry. It incorporates LCD display which helps users to identify the exact fault on the field without any waste of time. Selec Current Protection Relays are available for 1 phase & 3 phase models.

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Line Monitoring Relays

Selec has Phase sequence relays and Phase failure relays that monitor the AC voltage of a system/equipment and protect from Phase failure, Reversal, imbalance. They are best suited for Industrial applications like Elevators, Escalators, motors, Pumps, Gensets, etc. Selec also has Voltage protection relays that help to protect the load from Over and under voltage and Frequency.

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Temperature Controllers

Temperature Controller are used to continuously maintain particular preset temperature. Selec has variety of products according to different applications, sizes & parameters viz. cooling controllers, process indicators, PID controllers, profile controllers, etc. They can be used in applications like extruder machine, pharmaceutical, autoclaves, food industry, packaging, textile & so on.
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Selec make digital preset Counters can control applications based on number of counts, batch or rate depending upon required programming. Selec offers different product ranges with respect to size, display, functions and control actions. These counters can be used in printing and packaging, flow monitoring, length measurement, production management.

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Time Switches

Selec's Digital time switches are available in DIN rail or Flush mounting style with Astronomical or Daily/weekly functions suitable for all your switching applications. Astronomical time switches auto calculate sunrise/sunset and their latitude & longitude settings make them precise to 1 minute.

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Digital Timers

Timers are used for measuring and controlling actions of the applications with respect to preset time period. Selec provides both analog and digital electronic timers that are efficient than mechanical timers. Selec deals with different sizes and functionality timers. These products are used in process applications viz. pharmaceutical, panel manufacturers, food industries, assembly lines, and so on.
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Time Relays

Selec Analog timers comes with knobs & DIP switches for selection of operating mode, time range and set time. Single & Multifunction timers available in 17.5 mm, 22.5 mm DIN rail mounting and 48x48mm plug/panel mounting with Universal power supply. These analog timers can be used for accurately controlling any given process.

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Power Supply

Power Supply

Selec Power Supplies come in DIN Rail, Open Frame and Panel Mount options. They support a wide range of Input Supply with Various protections like Short Circuit, Overload, Overvoltage, Overcurrent & Over Temperature. DIN Rail series comprises of 15W to 480W with different standard output voltage ranges like 5V to 48V. Open Frame series in 40W to 350W with 5V to 48V and Panel Mount in 50W & 120W with 24V Output voltage.

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Energy Meters

Energy Meters

Selec Energy meters are available in both panel mount and DIN rail mount variants. These meters are used to measure the voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor, and energy of electrical devices in low and medium power applications. These meters can be used for measurement in both Single phase and 3 phase applications, The Din Rail meters do not require any external current transformers and can measure current up to 100A.
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Selec IoT

The Selec IoT Platform allows you to monitor all your assets from a web browser and via mobile phones. It brings you a wide array of new features like attractive widgets, scheduled reports & device mapping. A common platform for all kind of process & electrical application.