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Headline for Most popular Malaysian beverages - Sip on these for a taste of Malaysia
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Most popular Malaysian beverages - Sip on these for a taste of Malaysia

Malaysia is a country with vibrant and diverse food culture. Their food encapsulated many influences from the South East Asian region, whilst retaining a level of authenticity. Pair these drinks with your next meal for a truly Malaysian experience.


Palm wine

The Malaysians strictly stay away from alcoholic beverages due to religious reasons. But Palm wine, however, is a famous local brew prepared and collected either from the flower of the coconut tree, palm tree, or the sugar-palm tree. The liquid is white as is it is collected and has a very sugary taste. It is non-alcoholic and is mainly consumed before fermentation takes place. The fermented version is a popular drink in parts of South Asia and Africa.


Nutmeg juice

Nutmeg is an aromatic spice and is used in cooking from desserts, curries to sauces all over the world. In Malaysia however, nutmeg is an ingredient for a unique drink called nutmeg juice. The drink has several health benefits. It is filled with antioxidants and is great for skin and heart health. You can find nutmeg drinks in Penang and wet markets around Malaysia and food courts. However, Nutmeg should be taken moderately, as overconsumption is harmful to the body!


Teh Tarik

Tea is a common drink in Malaysia and is a national beverage. Teh Tarik is prepared by combining loads of sweetened condensed milk with black tea. Tea is very popular in Malaysia, and around 7 million kilograms of tea gets cultivated every year. "Tarik" suggests "pulled" or pouring tea from one vessel to another. It is an entertaining sight to its preparation. The hot tea mixed with the sweet milk is poured into containers until it becomes white and foamy. They rarely spill a single drop, and the tea is deliciously creamy and sweet with a nice dollop of foam on top.


Limau Ais

If you enjoy everything that includes limes, then try this drink. Limau Ais. It is a simple mixture of fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, ice, and water. It is the perfect means to cool off on a scorching day in Malaysia. The tangy and sweet cold drink hits the spot, no matter the time of day. Pair the drink with some of the spicier dishes as a palate cleanser.


Glass jelly drink

Also known as Leong fun, it is a popular drink that gets served in most coffee shops and even in the best resort in Malaysia. It is a perfect way to cool off on a sunny day. The drink is made from grass jelly and is combined with lightly flavoured iced water or milk. The jelly is made from boiled stems of a plant that belongs to the mint family. A coagulant is added to the oxidized stems to create a jelly. It is somewhat bitter and has a herbal taste, however, it gets nicely balanced by the sugary water or milk. If looking for some luxury accommodation, try the likes of Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas.