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Updated by Cynthia Lo on Nov 15, 2021
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10 Popular Locations in Texas for Marriage Proposals

Location is a critical part when planning for your marriage proposal, which provides the perfect backdrop to pop the question. However, it's not always easy to find that special spot. Here we've rounded up 10 popular locations in Texas so now you know where exactly go when making plans for that unforgettable event!


Mount Bonnell is a favorite spot for Texas marriage proposals. It towers 800 feet above the vast Colorado River, and from its breathtaking natural views, you can see white boats on dark water as well as blazing sunsets in the evening time! You'll even get to enjoy the Austin skyline view too, making this proposal option very affordable indeed.

The Waterwall is a breathtaking 64-foot water fountain in a 2.77-acre park with the surrounding oak forest helping to make it feel like you're somewhere peaceful and secluded despite being so close to big city life! The semi-circle structure offers privacy while also providing stunning backgrounds for your marriage proposal photos which makes this spot more ideal as there isn't anything else quite like it around here—free of charge too!

Beaches - Texas Shoreline

Many couples love a classic beach proposal, and Texas has 367 miles of shoreline for popping the question! Galveston Beach in particular is known as one big photo op with its 32 miles of sandy shores that ends at Galveston Island State Park. There are also stunning mansions along this gorgeous coastline; it makes an unforgettable memory when you get down on one knee under beautiful sunsets or starry nights, watching waves break against rocks.

Lake Travis

The majestic Lake Travis is a spectacular sight to behold. Some people say it's the most beautiful body of water in Texas, and they're not wrong! What's the best way I know how to propose on your special day? Take advantage of those sunset views from The Oasis restaurant by reserving some time before dinner service.

A perfect place to propose marriage! Thanks-Giving Square is a serene landscape at the heart of the bustling city. As such, it's an ideal spot for couples who want their lives entwined with each other at this moment forevermore.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Imagine the most romantic moment of your life, as you fly together with love in hot air balloons. With companies like Rohr Balloons there is no need for imagination because they offer personalization services that will make this proposal even more special than anything else! Most companies have outstanding customer service and can provide high-quality rides if you're looking to propose under these circumstances—so schedule now before somebody steals away all available dates. 😉