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Headline for The best-hidden waterfalls in Malaysia- Dive into the heart of Malaysia’s natural beauty.
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The best-hidden waterfalls in Malaysia- Dive into the heart of Malaysia’s natural beauty.

Malaysia has over 100 discovered waterfalls and many more probably lurking inside her dense jungles. Here are some of the most memorable to start planning your next waterfall hunt.


The Kota Tinggi Waterfalls

Located in Johor, it is around a four-hour drive off from Kuala Lumpur. Here you can find two waterfalls in the same area. One is closer to the entrance and is a stunning cascading waterfall with many pools below. The other is a free-flowing waterfall that goes below the valley. Be wary there is a lot of green slippery algae on the rocks in the second waterfall, so make sure you watch each step.


Rainbow waterfall

The name assures visitors they are in for some unforgettable views. However, you have to visit at the appropriate time to see how the water and light create breathtaking spectrums in the mist. Hundreds of travellers arrive to observe this phenomenon! Make it a point to start your journey early morning, preferably following a rainfall or just as the sunrises. The rainbow waterfall is better reached via a 4WD, and arrangements can be made with a local travel agency at Sungai Lembing village. Your camera is a must for some amazing photos! The entry fee is RM50 which includes transport and a guide.


Ulu Chepor

The waterfall is a highly recommended place for those who want to cool off on a scorching day. The crystal-clear water flows from the Kledang Hills. Found in Perak, it is one of the best in Malaysia, with ample facilities for guests. There is a picnic area, prayer rooms, tiny huts, food stalls with beverages, and bathrooms. Ulu Chepor is a fabulous spot to take a refreshing dip and enjoy a nice picnic in pristine surroundings. There is an entrance fee of just RM2 per vehicle.
If you are up for more adventure, explore the lush green trails and camp nearby the waterfall.


Jelawang Waterfall

The location is among the top five ecotourism spots in Malaysia. The Gunung Stong State Forest Park in the Dabong Forest Reserve is where you will find the Jelawang Waterfall. At 160 meters, it is the highest waterfall in Southeast Asia! Also referred to as Stong Waterfall, this is an excellent spot for nature trails. You might end up spotting the largest flower indigenous to this region, the Rafflesia. You can both trek to the peak of the waterfall or relish its beauty from ground level. The rocky cascades provide a majestic backdrop for your pictures.
Also, take some time to discover the limestone caverns and the strange rock formations of Gua Ikan, Gua Pagar, and Gua Gelap. These are close to the Dabong train station.


Sekayu Waterfall

If travelling to Terengganu, don't forget to check out the Sekayu Waterfall. It is a popular attraction found in the northeast of Kuala Lumpur and inside the Sekayu Recreational Forest in Kuala Berang. The beauty is mesmerising and a great place to tour with children. There is a park surrounding Sekayu Waterfall for trekking or to wait a while and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. If visiting Langkawi Island, check out Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls as well. You won't be disappointed. You can find many beach resort in Langkawi, such as the Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa.

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