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Top Reasons We Travel – The Thrill of Being Explorers

Travelling for leisure is always associated with holiday time; a time to wind down, explore, and learn about a new place or new experience. And with the world growing closer, there is no limit to the amount of travel one can take on. Read on to explore five reasons why we travel.


To Take a Break from Work

There is no greater thrill than summer break and taking time off from work, to spend bonding with family and friends. While work is a necessity for many, and a healthy balance in life, it is good to step back and take a break at times. This is because time away from work will help you recharge, or in other words, to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul. The refreshing experience often leaves one refreshed and ready to tackle work with new ideas and lots of enthusiasm. And since holidays are meant to help us rewind and relax, most holiday resorts strive to offer comfortable surroundings. Some like Hunas Falls Hotel Kandy is cocooned in lush greenery and serene surroundings, offering everything guests would expect from a resort in Kandy.


We Travel to Discover the World

Satisfying man's natural curiosity, travel gives us a chance to explore and discover what life is like in a distant land. Experiencing whole new cultures, traditions, and lifestyles are ideal for broadening our horizons and understanding people more. Through travel and discovery, we learn about better methods, perhaps a new way of looking at an old habit and discovering how differently some cultures will use the earth's resources. Travel is also about enlightening oneself. A person from the tropics will be amazed by his first encounter with snow, while someone from colder regions will love the sea, sandy beaches, and endless sun.


To Learn to Appreciate your Home

It is natural for us to grow bored with things we take for granted. But travelling to opposite corners, or even neighbouring nations will open one's eyes to the pros and cons of their homeland. For example, while people from first-world countries take their privileges for granted, a visit to a third-world country will open their eyes to poverty and lack of proper infrastructure.


To Gain Independence

Sometimes travel is the nudge a person needs to get out of a situation or to broaden their horizons and gain independence. Travelling opens one's eyes to new perspectives and situations, which at times empower and instil confidence in people who discover whole new areas of life they enjoy.


To Appreciate the Beauty of Mother Nature

Travelling leaves you in awe of the world's natural beauty. From the stunning fjords of Norway to the lush green hills of Kandy, there is no greater thrill than discovering bio-diverse environs. It is this same reason that little islands like Sri Lanka are sought out holiday destinations. This is because you can, in a matter of a few hours, travel from beach to highlands; exploring animal sanctuaries, rich history, and stunning scenery.
Enjoy your travels!

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