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Updated by Kean Sargent on May 27, 2022
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10 Best Web App Development Blogs

Insights *from Software Development experts on Enterprise Mobility, Digital Customer Experience, Business Analytics, and the Internet of Things.
Do you want to know what the best web development blogs are to follow?
Discover our *
top 10 blogs
to help you improve your coding and developer tool skills.

22 Web Development Trends for 2022

What's hot in the web dev right now? Jamstack, Headless CMS, React, Microservices, PWAs… Check the full list of the latest trends in web development!

11 Web Development Trends to Expect in 2022, According to Experts & Data

Learn what web development trends to expect in 2022 to remain competitive in your business niche and provide the best user experience on your site.

Knowing how to start a business does not necessarily give you an advantage in becoming successful. Knowing the tips and challenges of building one, on the other hand, is extremely beneficial.
Here are some pointers for launching a successful startup in 2022:
Have a fantastic idea?
Find the appropriate audience.
Make a proof of concept.
Have a Distinctive Value Proposition (UVP)
Choose a revenue model.
assemble a team of experts
Launch an MVP rather than a full-featured product.

Project Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase *is the most underappreciated stage, and it may appear to be far more important than the others combined.
The discovery phase *of a project is frequently associated with unnecessary costs and, on occasion, with saving tens of thousands of dollars.
The project discovery phase,_
on the other hand, is all about cost-effective product development.

Where to outsource software development in 2022

Companies all over the world require highly qualified specialists who are eager to implement cutting-edge technologies. Because it is difficult to find qualified employees, the demand for outsourcing has increased significantly. That is why, in 2022, the best countries to outsource software development will be the ones to watch.
By 2025, the global IT outsourcing market will be worth $397.6 billion.

How to Build an Online Auction Website Like eBay - Sloboda studio

Some eCommerce legends are extremely motivating. And almost every online retailer feels compelled to emulate the huge success. Make a fortune by creating an online auction website similar to eBay
Attracting new customers is no longer a marketing strategy; it has become a way of life for web store owners and their entire sales teams.

Product creation process

Product development process: ✔️ top 6 development management methodologies ✔️ stages of product development ✔️ challenges & how to avoid them ✔️ 5 key tips.

How to Build a Website Like AirBnB: Tips, Features, Costs

How to build a website like Airbnb: ✔️5 core tips ✔️ must-have features ✔️development approaches ✔️best technologies ✔️costs. Click to read!