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Things to do that will make you feel better

Have you ever had a downer day? Want to motivate yourself and stop yourself from sliding down into the pits? What are the ways?


Go out into nature and breath the fresh air.

There's nothing like nature to make you feel alive. Hug a tree, scrape some soul into your hand, walk your dog, walk around barefoot. Maybe, even swim in the stream.


Do something that will make you sweat.

Clean your room. Cook something. Wash the car. Walk the dog. Something that makes your blood circulate and will eventually induce you to perspire. When the toxins are sweated out of your body, you will feel good!


Don't swear and say anything negative for a day.


Take a bath and enjoy a massage.


Send out picture messages in social posts which can make other people feel better.


Message a friend whom you have no contact with for more than a year.


Point out to a person something that he's really good at.

You just feel that this person doesn't know that he's good in something. Point it out to him and tell him sincerely that it's a gift.


Pray and give thanks to the Supreme One.


Listen to relaxing and soothing music.