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Updated by Sarah Nelson on Nov 10, 2021
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5 Ways Your Logo Impacts Social Media

Like it or not, social media marketing is an inevitable part of promoting your business these days. Your social media page plays a huge role in affecting how people perceive your products and services. With all the work that goes into maintaining a social media presence, your logo might feel like an afterthought -- but it might actually be the most important thing on your page.



Drives brand recognition across platforms

Drives brand recognition across platforms

Many people are visual learners, and social media is likely one of the most visual networking tools out there. A memorable logo makes an imprint in people's minds. It leads to brand recognition, especially when it pops up on different platforms. When your customers find you on Facebook and also see your logo on Instagram and Twitter, for example, your brand identity will be reinforced. If they remember you, you'll stay on their minds -- and likely on their feeds, too.


Increases followers and audience engagement

Increases followers and audience engagement

When you have an aesthetically pleasing logo, your followers and potential followers will form a positive perception of your company. Your social media pages will get more clicks, and more clicks lead to more likes, more followers -- and more business.


Makes your business look more legitimate

Your logo is the "face" of your company on social media. When your business has a professional-looking logo as a profile picture, it's going to look professional. A stylish, well-designed logo commands respect. It catches customers' eyes whenever it pops up on their feed, which keeps your company on their radar and puts you on the map. When people remember your "face", they'll be more likely to remember you -- and recommend your products or services to others.


Increases trust

Increases trust

Social media is all about appearances (in case you hadn't noticed). First impressions are lasting impressions, and these impressions are often formed at first glance.


Communicates your story that people can attach to

When you pay close attention to the fonts, colors and overall design of your logo to ensure that it "speaks" to your target audience, they will want to listen. Your customers and potential customers want their association with your business to represent who they are -- and they'll want their friends and followers to know about it too.