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Thought-provoking Human Resources Videos

Curated list of videos on downright interesting, or simply cool perspectives on Human Resources. Feel free to add on to this listing and make this an even awesome list!


Reallocating your investment in HR technology

We constantly talk about innovation like there is no tomorrow. Speaking specifically about HR and Recruitment just go to Google and type in "Innovation in HR" and a gazillion and one results pop up. Yes we need to be more innovative in HR. Yes we know what the barriers to successful workplace innovation are.

HR innovation and North America

Innovation is becoming an increasingly important word in the HR sector. The 'need to be innovative' in the current climate is key for every business, no matter what the size - but why? Seen as a way in which to retain (and train) key personnel, it is also being used as a way in which to drive recruitment.

5 Predictions for the Future of HR Technology

Here's a great look at future HR recruitment technologies from the team at RolePoint: With the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas just around the corner, we thought it appropriate to consult RolePoint's in-house psychic to conjure up some predictions for the future of HR technology.

Social Media in HR

Yes, We Utilize Social Media It's interesting to think about how we got to where we are today. How we take different roads to success. How we continue to push and explore new possibilities and new avenues. All of this not only builds our own character but these new roads shape and create opportunities for those around us.

Three cool ways companies are promoting work/life balance

by Amanda Levine, Guest Writer for Linkus Group With the job market more competitive than ever, potential hires are finding more and more creative ways to set themselves apart from their competition. The same is ringing true for the other side of the coin.

Why recruiters should use HR technology

Hiring the best talent for your company's open positions should never feel like a gamble. Yet all too often, recruiters feel like they're just rolling the dice, hoping to discover the ideal candidate. Fortunately, the hiring process no longer has to feel like a game of chance, thanks to a wealth of smart new technologies, from social media sourcing to video interviewing.

Social HR Camp Toronto a huge success!

Social HR Camp took place at Achievers HQ in Toronto on November 1st, and was so popular that #SHRC13 trended on Twitter! The 'unconference' attracted over 100 HR and related professionals from Canada, USA and UK and was the largest event yet from Jeff Waldman, Salima Nathoo and their team of HR social media gurus and sponsors.

Sprigg TMS leading HRPA dinner series with Bruce Croxon | Sprigg Talent Management Systems

In early 2009, Jilaine partnered with Bruce and launched an online talent management software suite featuring the easy-to-use performance management module known as Sprigg. With licensed users in the thousands across North America and the UK the platform is increasingly popular with HR departments, managers and employees.

HR technology guru offers fantastic review of Sprigg TMS!

Well-known HR technology expert Jeff Waldman offered a flattering review of Sprigg's performance management software platform today on his hugely popular Stratify website. Here it is: Sprigg TMS - Simple, Intuitive, Mobile Friendly & Cloud-Based Talent Management Software One of the core functions within human resources is performance management.

Top HR blogs

SpriggHR has been busy getting to know the biggest hitters in HR blogging and social media. Here's a list of some of our favorites: 1. Talent Culture: Self-professed metaphor for the social workplace.

Leadership Cafe

When was the last time you asked for honest feedback on your leadership from your team, those that serve under you and your superiors? Leaders who never get and or accept honest feedback about their leadership are guaranteed to fail. Inviting honest feedback when it comes to areas of possible growth is not always easy,...

HR Competency Study 2012 Results

Dave Ulrich gives an overview of the results from the 2012 round of the HR Competency Study. HRCS is the longest running, most comprehensive study in the HR profession. Visit for more information.

HR Competency Study 2012 Results

Dave Ulrich gives an overview of the results from the 2012 round of the HR Competency Study. HRCS is the longest running, most comprehensive study in the HR profession. Visit for more information.

Dave Ulrich | HR Transformation Model

In this 5-min YouTube video, HR Guru Dave Ulrich gives an overview of the HR Transformation Model.

The New Science of Human Capital

An interview with John Boudreau, Professor, University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business. The key to staying competitive? Invest in your strategic pivot points--roles where improved performance would make the biggest difference to executing your strategy.

The 'X' model of employee engagement - BlessingWhite © 2012

Employee Engagement can be a vague term. In this model, BlessingWhite details a specific and compelling model for articulating what Employee Engagement is - and what it means to the individual and the organization they work for.

HR is Primed to Take Advantage of Big Data

"Big data is being able to draw inferences from relationships and data points that we didn't even know existed before," said Charlie Judy (@HRFishbowl), Blogger at HR Fishbowl in our conversation at the 2012 HR Tech conference in Chicago.

HR: Rainer Strack on people-management challenges and strategic workforce planning

BCG's Rainer Strack shares insights on some of today's greatest people-management challenges, as well as the importance of strategic workforce planning. To read more about BCG Fellow Rainer Strack, please

Inside HR - Jean-Paul Isson

JP Isson, Monster's VP of Global Business Intelligence and co-author of the book, "Win with Advanced Business Analytics," talks about the opportunity for "big data" on human resources. Go to for more info and to purchase Win with Advanced Business Analytics.

Mature quickly in the HR Analytics journey

Analytics is a hot topic and HR analytics is no different. New books are constantly being published. Being " insight driven " is at the core of the CIPD HR practices. New software products and visualisations tools are being launched.

Where to Find More on HR Big Data

If you're educating yourself, staff or C-level management about the human resources "Big Data" push, here are some resources: Blogs: Data analytics specialist and HR tech veteran David Bernstein shares insights on workforce analytics trends on Floating Point, which is his blog for jobs listings distributor eQuest.

HR as business partner

PwC Principals Diane Youden and Ed Boswell share the differences between a good HR function and a great HR function.

HR Business Partner (ENG)

The HR Business Partner is a person who is responsible not only for HR-specific duties, but most of all, connects them with the company's overall growth strategy. This person is a kind of a link between employees, the HR director and the company's business strategy created by the management.

Three steps to a better HR business partner model

The idea behind the HR business partner model is to pair HR specialists with operational leaders to advance key organisational goals. However, building a truly effective HR business partner model can be challenging due to two common pitfalls: Adopting a HR business partner in name only.