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Four of the Top Leading Organizations in Water Security

According to the 2021 United Nations World Water Development Report, it is estimated that “4 billion people live in areas that suffer from severe physical i.e. seasonal water scarcity for at least one month per year. And about 1.6 billion people face 'economic' water scarcity, which means that, while water may be physically available, they lack the necessary infrastructure to access that water.” This is a type of situation that will only end up getting worse as the overall demand for water increases and the general effects of climate change get more intense.

This is information that details the fact that water security is something of a true concern, and thankfully, many major organizations are working to address this type of issue.

Here are four of the top leading organizations that are working to deal with water accessibility and management.

*Food and Water Watch, which works to “mobilize people at the local, state, and federal level to build political power” in order to generate “solutions to the most pressing food, water, and climate problems of our time.”

*Stockholm International Water Institute, which is designed to help with developing “policies and science-based solutions to water-related challenges” in order to ensure that water is able to be both shared and allocated as a way to meet all of the basic needs of everyone in one area.

*International Water Association, which is designed to work with an :interdisciplinary network of water professionals and partners to create a water-wise world, with the experts further working to “collaborate and combine their knowledge to spread practical know-how throughout the entire water cycle to help it reduce, reuse, and replenish water resources.”

*WaterAid, which works to collaborate on “regional and global advocacy and campaigns to influence governments, companies and international institutions.” It also operates on the fact that “water, toilets and hygiene are a human right; there no 'one-size-fits-all' solution; toilets and hygiene save lives; together, everyone can help transform lives.”