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Hourstv -Online News & Entertainment platform

HoursTv is an online news website that specializes in providing the latest world news. The site is credible enough to fulfill a viewer’s requirement in terms of offering every sort of entertainment platform including fashion trends, viral videos, comedy news, and so forth. Most importantly, the platform is a hub for letting the world know what’s the need of this hour.

Facebook’s Facial Recognition

Facebook’s Facial Recognition is to be shut down by the company. It will affect billions of users including the ones with disabilities. legal actions against the tech giant might be the biggest reason for this major step. If you want to read more visit our link.

5 Netflix Games Available and Ready to Play on Platform, 5 Netflix games have been launched by the popular streaming platform. Aside from presenting original series and movies, Netflix is now entertaining the users with video games too. if you want to read more visit our link.

Black Friday Sales

Black Friday sales have a tendency to distract anyone and eventually break their wallets. Everybody body has their limits but these limits can sometimes pay off later.

What Are the 7 Seas and 5 Oceans of the World

5 oceans of the world define the existence of immense marine life and enormous waterbodies comprising of the 7 seas. The world should know about the secrets that the gigantic oceans of the planet.
5 oceans of the world contain the biggest water bodies including the 7 big seas. Yet, there is much more to explore about the enormous water bodies of the earth

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Pakistan may have banned Mia Khalifas TikTok account but the actress has vowed to her Pakistani fans that she will not forsake them. Therefore, they themselves banning Mia Khalifas TikTok on the other hand implied that the government had similar powers over the country media.

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There is no doubt that our clothes reflect a lot about our culture and identity. For example, in India, clothes reflect sects, religious identities, and culture. Besides religious aspects, clothes reflect their cultural associations as well. Here are some examples of culture or religion reflected by clothing.

how much have i spent on league

Given 67 million monthly active players of the League of Legends, no wonders that, how much have I spent on League, is a common question that gamers ask themselves. Now gamers can check the amount of money they have spent on League of Legends on the website of Riot Games.

Noor Mukadam

A similar thing happened with the Noor Mukadam murder case as insolent boys on social media hurled abusive remarks about the victim, Their inbred hatred for women caused them to shut out the killer completely and pushed questions like What was Noor doing at Zahirs house.

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Ahmed Ali Akbar Reacts to Manish Malhotra Using Parizaad Soundtrack
The pakistani actor, Ahmed Ali Akbar who is also the protagonist in Parizaad drama serial reacted on Manish Malhotra fashion campaign. The designer used the sound track of Parizaad drama for his fashion show

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Salman Khan

Salman Khan Reacts to Fans Spilling Milk Over Antim’s Poster
Salman Khan requested public to stop wasting milk on his posters and feed the ones who actually need it. other than that, He advised those who ignited firecrackers inside a cinema hall. Khan said not to harm others by doing such dangerous things.

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5 oceans of the world contain the biggest water bodies including the 7 big seas. Yet, there is much more to explore about the enormous water bodies of the earth

Recently, some robbers focused on the three-d statue of Quaid e Azam in Vehari, Pakistan. They stole Jinnah’s Monocle, which used to be believed to be a reproduction of his single glass-eye that he frequently used to study the paper whilst giving speeches.

Zoha Rehman, a Pakistani Actress who has also worked in Hollywood's Spiderman movie is now going to appear in an upcoming Bollywood film '83'.

iPhone 12 Meme

iPhone 12 memes time via online media as Apple declared the forthcoming iPhone 12 arrangement each monster's most recent lead opened up to blended surveys. Clients made iPhone 12 memes on the different irksome parts of the telephone. users understand quick new iPhone was not much different.

Iris Apfel young is a famous American designer. Iris Apfel proves good aesthetics sense to be a millionaire.96 years of age Iris Apfel Barrel who realizes how to pull off a larger than usual goggle look even with such a smooth appearance is without a doubt a design symbol that has motivated the ages. Iris Apfel icon celebrity reveals that she is living a luxurious life.

The wow grape memes are still surprisingly trending on social media because of the hilarious speeches of students and Senator Seher Kamran's funny way of saying "Wow Great" at the Pakistan International School, Jeddah (PISJ) event. The Pakistan grape dialogue by the senator continues to make headlines since people are making jokes about how a literate person pronounces an English word in such a comic way.

5 oceans of the world

The biggest 5 oceans of the world are a source of marine life's existence as well as a means of survival for humans. The largest and deepest waterbodies also provide the planet with the beautiful 7 seas, and numerous rivers, lakes, and streams. Among these, many are yet to be explored completely.

how many seas are there

How many seas are there to define the enormousness of the big oceans of the planet? To know the answer to this question, people need to know about the existence of the largest water bodies in the world.

The Wow Grape memes are the top trending Pakistani memes since the students' seriousness about their patriotism turned out to be humoristic. Their way of raising slogans became a bullseye for memers as their targeted it with the shots of memes on social media.

what is the most popular feature of Hootsuite it's undeniably true that online media advertising can assist with advancing substance and Hootsuite is a finished web-based media promoting arrangement? Aside from imparting content to the crowd, online media administrators likewise need to advance it for guiding traffic to their sites.

Feature of Hootsuite

Feature of Hootsuite tool is to help users share their services and products. The papular hootsuite feature tool offers people a better chance at sharing content on multiple social media platforms at once in order to avoid the time consumption issue.

which best describes the benefits of renting a home?

benefits of renting a home vs buying a home is an old discussion however turning out to be more pertinent each spending day because of rising cognizance about a promising circumstance cost. Let's view how these elements make renting a home benefit more rewarding choice than getting one.

Qissa Meherbano Ka

Pakistani drama Qissa Meherbano Ka received a lot of backlash on social media for showing horrible abuse on a woman by her husband. Pakistani serial actors responded to the criticism and urged the fans to wait and watch.

Covid Pill

With the approval of the Covid pill, oral treatment for coronavirus positive patients is now possible. It aims to help high-risk patients in avoiding hospitalization and treating themselves at home.

bob proctor

Canadian-American self-improvement teacher, creator, inspirational orator, and business person bob proctor net worth of 20 million USD.