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Autumn style - personality development

Personality is what makes each person unique, and it exists as a result of constant development. Moreover, personality development is an ongoing process that occurs throughout our entire lives, and its significance should be recognized.

However, not many people know what goes into personality development and how it pertains to their growth. If you’re curious about personality development, how it occurs, and what you can do to better yourself — keep reading.


Autumn style

Autumn style

What Is Personality Development, How Does It Occur?

Personality development refers to the development of various organized patterned behaviors and attitudes in a person. It’s what makes each person’s character unique, and regulates how they respond to certain circumstances. The personality of an individual is recognizable soon after birth when it starts developing depending on several key factors:


What Is Personality Development, How Does It Occur?

● Character

● Environment

● Temperament

Temperament is what we often referred to as the nature of a person. It’s a part of genetic predispositions and determines how we approach things around us, and in what ways we learn about those things. On the other hand, there’s also a set of environmental factors, that are also called nurture and also play a vital role in development. This factor relates to various adaptive patterns a person forms, due to growing up and living in a certain environment.


Personality development finally is?

Finally, the third factor of personality development is character. It pertains to the set of behavioral, cognitive, and emotional patterns we gather from various life experiences and is dependent on our moral development. These patterns will likely determine how we behave in and experience certain situations, and it can evolve throughout our entire lives.


How Can We Ensure Proper Personality Development?

How Can We Ensure Proper Personality Development?

Now that we know what personal development is, you’re probably curious about how you can optimize. In the following paragraphs, we’ll give you examples and ideas of what you can do to ensure proper personality development.


Exposing Ourselves to New Situations

Because personality development occurs as our response to various situations and stimuli around us, it’s important to expose ourselves to them as much as possible. In doing so, we’ll also develop our reactions to said situations, and maintain constant personal growth.

We can create such exposure by trying to learn new skills or enrolling in a university. These and similar activities will certainly stimulate our minds, help us create new responses, and develop our personalities further.


Essay Writing

Essay writing allows us to explore various topics, and open our minds to different ideas — each of which can help in our personality development. Sure, you can ask someone else for help, or open the website and type: “Hey, can you write my report, please?” and be sure, it will be faster. Moreover, because this is a skill that we need to use from the beginning to later on in our development, it can shape our personality greatly.


Staying Mindful

Personality development is defined by how we respond to certain things, and while reactions are thought of as an instinctive action, they can also be learned. Moreover, by teaching ourselves to stay mindful, particularly during stressful conditions, we can help better our further personality development. Mindfulness can be practiced through yoga, breathing exercises, and other exercises.


Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Scientists, sociologists, and psychologists have long debated the significance of nature vs nurture, and their relations to personality development.
However, if one thing’s sure, it's that personality development is a constant process and one we need to be working on consistently. In doing so, we’ll be able to better understand our responses, and internal processes to improve ourselves in the future.