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Customer Experience Blogs

Simple tips and tricks to deliver a great customer service and make your customer fall in love with your brand all over again.

7 Strategies to Influence Modern Customer Buying Behavior - Article Ring

The first step to boost sales and experience the outcomes of marketing campaigns is to understand the factors that impact customer behaviour.

5 Proven Strategies to make your Customers Fall in Love with your Brand

Make your Customers fall in love with your brand all over again. Try these 5 easy to follow strategies and win them over.

Single-Line Queues Vs Multiple-Line Queues: Which One Should You Choose?

Which choice is the best for managing consumer inflow? Single-line queues? Multiple-line queues? Let's find out which queue management should be used as per your requirement.

8 Tried & Tested Strategies to Improve the Customer Waiting Experience

Take in-charge of your customer's waiting experience with these 8 tried and tested hacks.

5 Popular Queue Management Myths, Busted! | Shrivra Blog

Are you that personality that owns the misconceptions about queue management. Here in this blog, lets debunk some of the most common myths.

Double Your Profit With These 6 Tips on Customer Experience

With more businesses going online than ever before, expanding the business success now entirely depends on the customer experience. Let's explore some of the most prominent strategies to double up your business revenue.

Why Queues are Bad for Your Business?

In this era of Online Shopping, Customers expect a quicker and smooth customer service. Check out this blog to understand why Queues are bad for your business and what can be done about it.
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How to beat the holiday rush with Queue Management System

Christmas is a great time to double up your sales and end the year with a blast in revenue . But handling the queues can be quite tiresome. If not done rightly, it can lead to annoyed customers heading back with zero shopping. What can be done about it?

Implement a smart queuing system in advance and prepare your store for the upcoming Ho! Ho! Ho! days.

5 Tips to Increase Customer Engagement with Digital Signage - TekysInfo

Queue management solution : Digital Signage is the part of electronic signage to display the information to the customer. It uses a big led screen and projectors

Dos And Donts For Efficient Queue Management

Today, with the growth in the digital space, the traditional way of handling your growing customers can be a huge challenge. Hence, a systematic approach is required. Here are the main Do's and Dont's when it comes to customer queue management.

7 Essential Types of Software Every Business Requires - Article For Post

Many types of software are available that can boost operational efficiency. Let's start with some essential software you need to look at.

Importance of having a Waiting Line Management System - Such Post

More than a requirement, it is a business necessity of having a proper waiting line management system to manage the customer.

Top 5 benefits of QR code Queue system - MobiTechSpy

With a QR code queue system, all the industries dealing with huge customer flow can go a mile long. They can experience better and organized management.

How Businesses Can Survive and Thrive Through Third-Wave and Beyond | Shrivra

How can medical facilities, government offices, food stores, and retailers keep up with their operations amid the third wave of coronavirus? Here are some strategies that will help you survive and thrive.

How Your Business Can Benefit From a Good Queuing System - Blog Post Daily

To provide smooth and rapid services, every industry, from public services to stores, restaurants, and more requires a Queuing System.

5 Powerful Business Software for Small and Medium Businesses

It is time for all small and medium firms to move to business software to achieve client retention and cost reduction. Here's a list of Top 5 most powerful Business Software.

Customer Experience Best Practices That Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back - Posting Point

Let's look at the best Customer Experience practices you can rely upon to keep your consumers pleased and willing to return to your firm.

5 Benefits Of Digital Signage That Go Beyond Traditional Advertising

Digital Signage attract visitors more efficiently than static ones, making digital signage the most efficient type of advertising. It can also be integrated with a ticketless queue system to show token no and do much more.

10 Best Tips for Restaurants to Stay Organized During Peak Hours |Shrivra

The Restaurant staff is under a lot of stress during peak hours. Here are the 10 best strategies to improve service speed & efficiency.

10 Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your Brick-and-Mortar Store | Shrivra Blog

The biggest concern that brick-and-mortar stores experience is how to boost customer footfall. Online shopping has become the go-to solution.