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7 Best Things to Do in Jambi - Do not miss out on these adventures!

Jambi features a diverse environment that includes evergreen mountains, splendid waterfalls, vast lakes, and a river. There are also entertainment parks and natural areas to visit. Here's a guide that highlights the best spots you must visit!


Visit Tanggo Rajo

One of the finest things to do here in Jambi, Indonesia, is to explore Tanggo Rajo. Afternoons are usually busy at this riverside location. Tanggo Rajo, also known as the Ancol of Jambi, has also become a gourmet tour stop. Various menus are available at reasonable prices. While eating, guests can enjoy the stunning views of the Batang Hari River. Also, if you're looking for hotels in Jambi Indonesia close to epic places like this, you can check out properties like YELLO Hotel Jambi, which is only a 13-minute ride away!


Muaro Jambi Temple Complex

Then there's Muaro Jambi Temple Compound. It is a 9th to 12th-century Srivijaya relic. This complex has 61 temples. Many are still being dug up. The Buddhist-Hindu temples are unlike those in Java. The temple complex is red brick rather than natural stone. This temple compound is one of Sumatra's biggest and best-maintained one.


Discover Monument Clock

Monument Clock is yet another iconic landmark of Jambi City. At first glance, it resembles the ever so famous Monument Monas in Jakarta; thus, people do refer to it as the Monas Jambi. Monument Clock was constructed in 1972-1983 by Jambi Mayor Zainir Haviz. This monument represents the local Jambi spirit and is thus a must-visit!


Explore Lake Sipin

Lake Sipin is close to the Governor's office and is located at the heart of this beautiful town. Visitors may relax and admire the lake while sipping coconut ice served by hawkers. Visitors may also watch the locals catch fish in the old-fashioned manner. Spend a relaxing afternoon by the lake, taking in the dramatic views!


Visit Lake Kerinci

Lake Kerinci is Sumatra's second-biggest. The lake has a surface size of 4,200 hectares and a depth of 110 metres. Lake Kerinci offers lovely views. You can either fish, swim, or camp here. Our advice is to try and do all three. You will not regret this experience! Many eateries offer excellent cuisine around the lake too.


Head over to Sigerincing Waterfall

The splendour of Sigerincing Falls is untouched. This waterfall is not well known due to its remote location from the city. Tourists can enjoy the waterfall's splendour in a more private setting. The Sigerincing waterfall is approximately 62 metres tall. There is no entrance charge; visitors must only pay a parking fee. The hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Climb Mt Kerinci

Mount Kerinci is Southeast Asia's tallest volcano. The volcano previously erupted back in 2009. The ascent is not easy, although it follows a well-defined trail. It takes approximately 12 hours to reach the top. When you reach the summit of Mount Kerinci, you are treated to a breathtaking view of the volcanic crater. The depth of this crater is approximately 600 metres. Many people often visit the peak to witness the glorious sunrise that cuts through the blue sky canvas like a blazing fire!