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Updated by Karol Andruszków on Oct 28, 2021
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17+ reliable ways to write a captivating title

Did you know that 8 out of 10 Internet users only share articles after reading the title itself?

The headline draws the user's attention the most and makes them want to click on the content. Here is a list of over 17 proven formulas for creating a catchy title.

Apply the information gap

Using the information gap mechanism makes it very easy to instill in the reader thirst for knowledge. It's best to do this through the header! It is enough if we don’t disclose all the essential details that the text communicates in it. An untold story will always tempt users to read the article and find out the answer.

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Reveal an unknown secret

Share unavailable knowledge and make your reader feel special. Each of us will feel a thrill when we have the opportunity to discover the mysteries shrouded in mystery. Here you can use the secrets of successes of well-known companies.

Not only success will interest the readers. You can also list embarrassing secrets that nobody admits. The user is eager to look at the error text to draw valuable conclusions.

Show what your content contains

Creating content for the web allows you to use various forms of communication. Show what makes your content stand out from the crowd. For example, if your article contains an interview or a photo gallery, make sure to mention it in the title. Do the same thing when you offer your recipients additional content, such as downloadable PDF files.

Tell your audience what they should do

The standard marketing principle is: tell your audience what to do, or they won't do it. Like in the case of buttons from CTA (calling for action), in the title you should give clear commands backed up with some argument. Already in the title, show what the recipient will gain if he does as you say.

Use Power Words

Use the Power Words not only in titles but also in the rest of the content. It's a quick and easy way to encourage your audience to read your content. However, use them wisely, as not all of them will fit your niche. You can even include several Power Words in one title!

Show solutions

Give recipients advice that will make their lives easier. Show them that by using them, they will not lose anything and even gain.

Be sure to indicate what specific benefits will bring them the proposed solution. You can also add the time they will have to spend on applying it - people like shortcuts, so the short time that it takes to achieve success also attracts them. However, remember not to overdo it and not to offer something impossible to fulfill in a too short time.


Tell a captivating story or share a personal experience - nothing works for your readers better than authenticity.

You can use storytelling in a variety of texts, from articles to case studies. In this case, the following formula will work in the title: How did we get there / How I did it.

A faster way to achieve a goal

People are very predictable. Most of us dream of getting high, satisfying results - quickly and without much effort. So we are looking for tips on how to do something in a week that would typically take a month.

It's worth offering intelligent solutions, tutorials, or guides for beginners in your article that will allow your target group to reach their destination quickly. Here are examples of titles offering shortcuts:

Create guides, tutorials

People every day look for clear and helpful instructions on how to do something or use something. Creating guides will answer the queries entered into the search engine and present you as an actual expert in a specific field.

Additionally, you can easily update this type of content by adding new threads to it. They can also be created in many forms, such as an article, video, or infographic.

Protect others from making a mistake

Nobody likes making mistakes, especially when they can cost us a lot. Therefore, we often seek advice from someone wiser and more experienced than we are. Become someone like that for your audience, show them what they shouldn’t do and what they should be careful about. Share your experience and knowledge with them.