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10 Most Popular edocr Apps

10 Most Popular edocr Apps

Automatically post documents to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin via Buffer increasing your productivity | edocr

Buffer increases the efficiency of document sharing. Fill up Buffer with your documents from and it will automatically post them through the day to Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, with a time gap between each post, so that your followers do not get flooded with constant messaging from you.

Enrich Zendesk customer service with centralised documents

Enrich Zendesk customer service with centralised documents More than 65 million people around the world receive support from over 20,000 Zendesk-powered customer help desks. Adding documents to customer service forums and tickets on Zendesk can be daunting, as you need to find the relevant documents first, ensure they are up to date and keep uploading every time a new ticket is responded to.

Manage your documents, conduct competitor and market analysis via HootSuite | edocr

edocr HootSuite App allows you to not just manage your own documents, but to monitor competitors' documents as well as gather market intelligence through documents, all from one place, without having the need to visit

Export leads to Mailigen for lead nurturing via email marketing | edocr

Mailigen is quickly becoming a leading provider of web-based integrated email marketing software for any size business, organisation or individual. Mailigen is intuitive and very easy to use email marketing system. It is one of the most cost-effective web-based email marketing solution out there, which includes sophisticated features that usually cost hundreds of dollars if not more.

Export leads in real-time to CapsuleCRM for lead nurturing and conversion | edocr

Visit My Account to activate auto export of document leads to CapsuleCRM. Leads are exported to Capsule in real-time, as prospects and customers read your documents. All leads are tagged with "lead from edocr" to make it easy to identify together with the link of the document, user or company page visited.

Auto export leads to Nimble for social profiling, lead qualification and lead nurturing for closing sales faster | edocr

The integration between edocr and Nimble enables leads captured by to be exported in real-time as prospects into Nimble. Then within Nimble, leads are enriched with documents alongside a contact's social profiles, data and communications. This automatic process shortens lead enrichment and qualification time and aids lead nurturing, helping salespeople to be more effective and close more deals.

Marketo | edocr

fbedgewidgetwithcomment>span,.fbedgewidgetwithcomment>span>iframe { width:53px !important; height:24px !important; } edocr Marketo App - Closing Sales faster through centralised shareable documents Introduction unlock more value out of your documents than anyone else on the planet.

Enrich GetSatisfaction communities with documents that always remain upto date

Enrich Get Satisfaction communities with documents Get Satisfaction powers 65,000 customer communities for companies of all sizes with over 4 million registered users helping to build better products and services. Adding documents to Get Satisfaction communities can be daunting. Firstly, you need to know which document to upload.