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The Woman's Ultimate Bathroom

It has been said that the bathroom is the woman's ultimate sanctuary. As a woman of beauty, class, and taste, can you name 1 item that absolutely needs to be inside the Woman's Ultimate bathroom? Your imagination is the limit.

Baldi Rock Crystal Bathtub

The tub was carved from a single piece of Amazonian rock crystal measuring over 8 feet in diameter and sold for over $850,000.

Most Expensive Soap

Among its ingredients, Cor has chitosan to even out skin tone, sericin-a silk extract-to trap moisture and provide UV protection and four types of collagen to help maintain skin structure. Silver, a known antibacterial agent, is what makes Cor the most expensive soap in the world.

Alterna Ten Shampoo

Alterna Ten contains exotic ingredients including African cacao extract, caviar age-control complex, photozyme complex with “color hold,” white truffle oil, Champagne grape seed oil, Bulgarian Evening Primrose and Arabian Frankincense. The shampoo is inspired by enzyme therapy, a process that uses enzyme supplements to treat conditions from digestive problems to cancer.


This anti-aging face cream isn’t the most expensive skin care product on this list but it’s certainly one of the most interesting. This cream is inspired by the world’s first cream made in 2nd century A.D. and is handmade in a monastery. It reports that it’s proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, hydrate and firm the skin. It’s also formulated without parabens and other synthetics so if you’re a beauty and history buff, you might be interested in trying this $260 cream.

Chanel Sublimage Essential Regenerating Serum

Weighing in at a mere 1.5 ounces, Chanel’s anti-aging serum promises to deliver age-defying, moisturizing and skin balancing effects to our skin. The brand indicates that their star ingredient is anti-aging fruit located in the farthest reaches of the Madagascar and refined by Chanel. The brand is known for its higher prices and classic beauty products so if this product tickles your fancy, you can expect to pay $295 for almost 2 ounces of product.

3LAB 'Super' Eye Treatment

Eye treatments can be just as outrageously priced as the next luxury skin care product! 3Lab’s eye treatment reports a noticeable difference in crow’s feet, fine lines and under eye bags thanks to their blend of stem cell activators. You can even out your skin tone, tighten up skin and protect it from damaging UV rays all for $350 a pop.

SK-II Ultimate Revival Cream

SK-II is another brand that’s known for its high prices but their huge following seems to indicate that their products might be well worth the money. Take their Ultimate Revival Cream for instance, this cream comes in a swanky gold jar with its own little spatula and claims to strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier to strengthen and revitalize your skin over time. Pick up your very own gold jar for $360.

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Mask

Guerlain’s anti-aging and moisturizing mask uses orchids to firm, tone and hydrate the skin to where signs of fatigue are no longer visible on your skin! If you’re in the market for a luxurious mask, you can pick this up for $365.

Orlane’s Royale Cream

ormulated with gold and royal jelly, this anti-aging potion delivers antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and rich hydration to treat your skin. You can expect both immediate effects and extended release benefits from their exclusive scientific design. If you’re curious about this anti-aging cream, it’s all yours for a mere $650.

Peau Magnifique Duo for Face and Eyes

This last item is actually a set for both the eyes and face. It contains a targeted, 28-day anti-aging treatment to repair and renew skin. You get 4 vials each for the face and eyes for $1,950 all in a lovely keepsake box.

Ryan Gosling

Seriously? It's like you're photoshopped!

Upside Down Shower

With the upside down shower you'll be able to enjoy a refreshing drizzle of water being sprayed from the ground up. Surrounding jets blast water high above your head and create a delightful mist that will leave you feeling cool and springtime fresh.