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Updated by Joanna James on Oct 26, 2021
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Top 5 Photographic Locations in Kyoto City – Cultural Capital of Japan

Kyoto is one of the most scenic prefectures in Japan. In this article, you will discover where to go for those breathtaking Instagram-worthy pictures. From historic pagodas to areas swathed in nature's beauty, here are the top photographic locations in Kyoto City.


The Vintage Rock Boat Temple or Gansen-ji Temple

This temple is located in the city of Kizugawa in Kyoto. Built in 729, the name means 'rock boat temple'. It is so named after the boat-shaped rock found at the entrance. Plus, according to legend, the rock was used for 'cleansing rituals' by the local priests of the Buddhist temple. The pagoda, boasting 3 tiers, is a cultural treasure and sits amidst tea country. And apart from the vintage quarters, the surroundings too make good photography subjects. The gardens in summer are a riot of colourful hydrangeas, lilies, and pretty crape myrtle flowers. For exploring Japan's cultural capital in the height of summer, look for Kyoto hotel deals and enjoy top deals at popular hotels like Park Hotel Kyoto.


Photograph the Culture at Nakamura Tokichi Head Shop

This vintage tea shop, which was established in 1854, boasts a history of 165 years. A photographer's delight, the beautiful garden at the back of the tea shop is home to a 200-year-old pine tree; which is nothing short of breathtaking. The tree, a Horaifuna-Matsu, is amongst the city's 100 most famous trees. And while you happily photograph the garden and its lush settings, you will want to capture pictures of your luxurious meal served in an artistic bamboo container. The tea shop is famous for its collection of matcha flavoured desserts!


The Historical Byodo-in Temple

Showcasing the glory of Japan's illustrious Fujiwara Clan, Byodo-in Temple located on the western edge of Uji-gawa River started as a villa. Gifted to the Fujiwara clan, the villa, in time, was converted to a temple. Today, it is home to the Phoenix Hall, which is deemed a national treasure. The temple, framed by the Aji-ike Pond and gardens laid out according to designs from the Heian period, are real stunners for photographers and novices to get as creative as they like.


The Pretty Bamboo Path

Located in Muko Hill, the Bamboo Path or Take-no-Michi stretches for a distance of 1.8km. The path is lined on both sides with 8 types of bamboo plants. Promoted as a tourist attraction, the area is preserved and well-maintained. Vintage hedge designs can be observed as you wander along the path. For example, featured as part of the hedge is the Takehogaki fence style, which involves tying bamboo plants together. The hedge resembles a princess 12-layer kimono called Kaguyakagi, which is Interesting to photograph and a treat to upload on your social media feeds.


Photograph Bamboo Shoot Macaroons

These delightfully colourful and aesthetic sweets are a real treat whether you are photographing their delicate appearance or savouring the delicious flavours. The bamboo shoot macaroons are famous across Kyoto and have won prizes at local sweet shop competitions. Enjoy photographing the unique designs of the sweets and updating your followers on the cultural delights of Kyoto.