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5 Easy Ways to Learn to Speak English

Here is a list of ways to PREPARE yourself to speak English. Reading and listening are actually the first steps to fluent conversation in English. Read to learn new words and acquire grammar. Listen to train your ear to understand what people are saying to you. Master basic, frequently-used pronunciations to speak efficiently on the spot.



$1 Reading Club

$1 Reading Club

Adult English Learners - Join the $1 Reading Club to test your reading comprehension. Once a month you will get questions to test your understanding of an article or post. You'll see which questions you missed and why.

Why read? According to American linguist, Stephen Krashen, reading is the best way to learn a language. Krashen also believes that speaking is the result of learning, not the process of learning.

This is appropriate for intermediate level students. Beginners will probably find the material too complex.

Prepare to speak English and subscribe to the $1 Reading Club. (

Learn one new word a day

Sign up for Word-of-the-Day. Learn one new word each day. See the meaning, grammatical use, and sample sentences.

Tip to practice reading and writing: Write down the definition and sample sentence in a notebook. Then write something about your day using that word.

Lingua House offers worksheets with video/audio files. Prepare to have conversations in English by listening to these audio files and completing the worksheets. Some are free and some require a paid subscription.

ESL: How to Pronounce Verbs ending in -ed | A Listly List

How do you pronounce verbs ending in -ed? When do you pronounce -ed as an extra syllable?

You will use simple past tense verbs often. The regular verbs will have an -ed ending. Make life easier. Quit trying to figure out how to pronounce these words on the spot. Learn the rules once and for all.

Try the $1 Reading Club for Free

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