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Medical Supplies

Shopping for Bedside Commodes: Factors to Consider | ACG Medical

Elderly people or a person with a disability find difficult to do their daily routine activities. They need assistance that would help them carry out these chores. However, buying high-quality bathroom accessories like bedside commodes, bath chairs, shower stool, commode liners and other bathroom aids can help them enhance their mobility and safeguard them from accidents.

How to Buy Electric Hospital Beds for Home Care - ACG Medical

Whether you require hospital beds for your hospital or home care for your parent or loved one, you should consider their quality and durability before the purchase. Based on your needs and budget, you can choose to buy fully electric or semi-electric hospital beds that have the desired features and fulfill your requirements seamlessly.

Choosing Skin and Wound Care Products: Factors to Consider

Skin acts as a barrier that protects internal organs from damage and helps in temperature regulation. It requires proper care that helps you look healthy and beautiful. Following a proper skin care routine is essential that would help you maintain sound health and integrity of your skin.

Things To Consider While Buying A Bath Chair

Here are some pointers we should consider when we are shopping for a bath chair for ourselves or a loved one:
• A bath chair is essential for the safety of anyone who is weak, unsteady or recovering from surgery.
• The bath chair is available in padded or non-padded versions. Most all bath chairs are height adjustable.

Things You Should Know About 4 Wheel Walkers

A 4 wheel walker known as Rollator provides a wide range of movement to disabled people, elderly patients, and individuals with less strength and endurance. Wheeled walkers offer extra stability and balance and help in moving on uneven terrains. You can find n number of rollators in the market that come in various designs and wheel size, seats, and finishes. Before buying a rollator, you should consider its pros and cons and essential factors that would help you make a well-informed decision.

Choosing Suitable Mobility Scooters: Factors to Consider - ACG Medical Supply

Many people with joint pain find difficulty in walking or managing crutches and walker for a long time. A mobility scooter is useful for them that will help them conveniently move indoors or outdoors with ease, confidence and more freedom. Scooters can also help those patients who use oxygen and need to take measures to conserve their energy. You will find 3-wheeled or 4-wheeled scooters in the market.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) - ACG Medical Supply

Blood flow in the veins is slowed down because of restricted movement for a long period of time (illness, after surgery, long-distance traveling).

Top Quality Bath Accessories to Purchase for Elderly Care

Here is a checklist of some bathroom accessories that are designed for safety and convenience and make it a breeze for seniors, and others to use bathrooms.

What compression level to wear? - ACG Medical Supply

Basically, the greater the compression level, or compression strength, the tighter the compression stocking. These levels are measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). It’s the same scale used to take your blood pressure.

Exercises to Help Prevent Plantar Fasciitis - ACG Medical Supply

Plantar fasciitis tends to occur when the thick bands of fiber present at the bottom of the feet become inflamed. It causes extreme discomfort and is every runner’s ultimate nightmare. Plantar fasciitis starts as a slight irritation in the area, but it can grow and advance into an injury if it is not appropriately treated before it is too late.

Moving A Patient from Bed to A Wheelchair - ACG Medical Supply

An individual tends to feel extremely weak, tired, and restless during and when recovering from an illness. The patient has to be dealt with extreme care to avoid any accidents or mishaps. If a patient’s movement is limited and requires wheelchair assistance, then specific steps must be followed to move a patient from the bed to the wheelchair.

How to Wash Your Hands Properly - ACG Medical Supply

Personal hygiene is an essential part of our lifestyle. It’s important to keep our bodies clean to protect ourselves from illnesses. This has become even more crucial due to the covid-19 pandemic that has adversely affected many countries around the globe. One effective way to slow down, if not prevent, the spread of germs like bacteria and viruses is to properly and frequently wash our hands.