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Content Strategy Blogs


Appropriate, Inc.

At Appropriate Inc., Margot Bloomstein blogs about trends in content strategy, the evolution of interaction design, the content strategy industry, and more.

Brain Traffic Blog

Based on Confab: The Content Strategy Conference's sellout 2011 debut and an even earlier sellout 2012 event, we here at Brain Traffic have come to an important conclusion: Confab is in danger of outgrowing the continent.

Brown Blog. | Things That Are Brown

Thoughts on paper from Matt Brown and Tiffani Jones Brown....




Hooboy, are we ever getting excited for our next big event in Atlanta. The speakers are in place, registrations are coming in, and now we have our full conference schedule locked down. For many content and communications professionals in higher ed, June is a welcome time of year.

Cleve Gibbon - content management, content modelling, digital platforms, technology evangelist.

My client is a media publisher; content is their business. They engaged us just over two years ago to help nudge their business case over the line and implement the content managed solution.

Making web content management work

We say (often) that technology is nothing without humanity. Content management system implementations would fall flat without understanding the people behind them - and we've seen the stories to prove it. If we know this, why is it that so many implementations still fail?


I've just returned from Confab Minneapolis, the content strategy conference, which took place June 3-5. What a wonderful experience - great people sharing and learning, plenty of networking opportunities over delicious food and beverages of all kinds, and the perfect hosts/coordinators/volunteers of BrainTraffic.

Content Here

Anthony Myers (@xanthonysfx) , from CMSWire, recently posted an article listing "Five Alternatives to WordPress." His list was really interesting. First, he openly left off Drupal, putting Plone there instead. I really like Plone but I would have to say that ...

Content Science

I like a raunchy comedy every now and then. The new flick This Is the End starring James Franco, Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, and other goofballs did not disappoint. The premise? It's the apocalypse. The Hollywood Hills explode into flames, and demons terrorize anyone who steps outside.

Content Is The Web - Web writing and content strategy

Web writing and content strategy. The blog of a corporate web content author.

The Content Philosopher

This blog is a compendium of observations that surface amid the work, readings and travels of Joe Gollner. Subjects touched upon include knowledge management, the rise of intelligent content technologies, the potential role of XML in managing technology, the care and feeding of complex systems, and various topics drawn from history.

The Content Wrangler

It's amazing what you can learn by hanging out in airports. If you pay close attention, you'll find airports are loaded with valuable business lessons waiting to be discovered. For content strategists seeking to prevent themselves being trapped working in a web silo, airports illustrate why it's not enough to focus our content strategy efforts [...]

Content Strategists - Contentini: Web Content Strategy Services

Website content strategy services and blog by Contentini content strategists. Services include web content migration strategy, SEO content optimization, taxonomy consulting, blog writing services and social media consultancy.


An effective content strategy bridges the critical gap between online and offline worlds, and the gaps between departments. When a content strategy is put in place, business goals will be met more easily, and people's expectations with the brand will be fulfilled. I'll drink to that.

Creek Content

Have you used a legacy content management system? An enterprise CMS? Something a little older and stodgier than WordPress? How about SharePoint, even - either as a document management system or a CMS? Now...think for just a minute ... Imagine that you're 24 years old, on your first job.

CS Forum Blog -

via Content Strategy Forum 2011

Daniel Eizans

Before I sold my soul to the advertising industry, I was in journalism. As a cub reporter, I covered crime, courts and emergencies. The first year of the beat, I wasted a lot of time trying to "perfect" my craft through technical means. I poured over award winning coverage and studied syntax, style and structure.

Dirty French Novel

Renovating the Vanity Factory FYI, you may very well have read this already, over on This is the same post, just on my own blog. "God, you're so selfish!" My grandfather yelled that at me when I was about 15. I'm not sure about the year.

Erin Scime | It's not just about web content, it's about dope web content

This past October 10, I had both the honor of being asked and pleasure of speaking at the 11th annual MIMA Summit in Minneapolis. As an experienced practitioner advising businesses on how to adapt their existing content processes, I was asked to focus on how brands can better prepare for dealing with modifying their teams, their structure [...]

E3 Content Strategy

I've been thinking about content audits a lot lately because, well, that's the stage I'm at in my current project. There's been quite a few discussions and write-ups about audits but I've found that, for the most part, they have a pretty limited perspective.

Eating Elephant: A Content Strategy Blog

The fine people at Offscreen Magazine asked me to write about something - anything - and I landed on the weird junction of computer memory vs. human memory. It's about photography. It's about information architecture. It's about my faulty memory. It's about organization, its place in our life, and why it matters.

: Links and articles about technology, design, and sociology. Written by Rian van der Merwe.

While the supplementary, just-in-time information provided by wearable computers seems wonderful, as we come to rely upon it more and more, we can lose engagement with the real world. Sure, it is nice to be reminded of people's names and perhaps their son's recent skiing accident, but while I am being reminded, I am no longer there-I am somewhere in ether space, being told what is happening.

I'm a writer and content strategist

It's an affliction. Perpetually Presumptively I'll be speaking at a few gigs in August and September: Previously I recently spoke at the London Content Strategy Meetup about what I do and why I like to do it collaboratively:

Every Page is Page One

Readers can enter from anywhere. Is your content ready to receive them.