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5 Things Worse Than Reclining Seats on Planes

@Gilliantelling 09/03/2014 AT 07:30 PM EDT Lean back at your own risk. Yet another plane was diverted on Monday due to an air rage incident that involved reclining seats - the third such incident in just nine days. The first occurred on an Aug. -> 5 things worse than reclining seats on planes: #travel

British Airways Cancels West Africa Flights Amid Ebola Outbreak

Flights to Sierra Leone and Liberia have been suspended due to a "deteriorating public health situation" British Airways has suspended flight service to two West African countries that have been at the epicenter of the ongoing Ebola outbreak, the carrier announced Tuesday. -> British Airways Cancels West Africa Flights Amid #Ebola Outbreak: #travel

Flipboard Friday Magazines

By Flipboard Club | Use the hashtag #FlipboardFriday to share magazines every Friday. -> RT @HotelsWeLove: Excited to be featured in the inspiring #FlipboardFriday magazine! @AidaofNubia #travel

35 Etiquette Tips For Doing Business Around The World

Picking up a sandwich with your hands during a business lunch in New York wouldn't be a big deal. But in Rio de Janeiro, it could signify considerable disrespect. -> 35 Etiquette Tips For Doing Business Abroad #travel #biz

On Safari

By Aida B. | Exploring a continent so vast and diverse it's impossible to cover. -> Ever thought about going on safari? This might help. #FlipboardFriday #travel




By Zeev Ritman | Zeev Ritman created a magazine on Flipboard. "Urban" is available with thousands of other magazines and all the news you care about. Download Flipboard for free and search for "Zeev Ritman". -> "Urban" magazine has some really interesting #travel articles: #FlipboardFriday

Virgin Atlantic Is Using Google Glass for Faster Check-Ins

Sometimes people freak out a little bit when they see someone wearing Google Glass. It's understandable because Glass presents new and largely unexplored privacy concerns, but the device and other wearables have so much potential that they're not going anywhere. And Virgin Atlantic seems ready to embrace the trend. The...

Like Africa

By Joerie Mortelmans | My pics from Namibia, Niger & Ethiopia.


By Pats Gurls | Beantown. The Hub. The Walking City.

16 Helpful Tips For Traveling The World
  1. Take a screenshot of walking directions while you have a Wi-Fi connection. And get where you're going without wasting precious (and expensive) data. 4. Buy a Wallpaper City Guide. Most guidebooks list dozens and dozens of museums and restaurants and other places to visit, many of which are tourist traps and most of which you won't have time to make it to anyway.
The 25 Best Hotels In The World

Whether you're watching zebras frolic in an African plain while being served fresh-baked pastries or swimming with sea turtles right outside your private over-water bungalow in Bora Bora, world travelers know that a luxury hotel can easily make for a dream vacation.We've created the ultimate list of the best hotels in the world by aggregating four notable hotel rankings made by elite travel publications and websites.

Wall Street Journal becomes latest international news site to be blocked in China

China has blocked access to Wall Street Journal's local language website, putting the US publication in the same position as Bloomberg and New York Times which are also censored in the country. A check for the Chinese version of WSJ - - on monitoring site shows that the URL is blocked as of this weekend, although access may have first been restricted within the last month.