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Adobe's Big Plan To Infiltrate Your Creative Apps

Buried in Adobe's news yesterday was an announcement that marks an important shift for the company. Adobe announced a major update to their Creative Cloud that spans their online apps, including Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom, and also released a new iPad pen and ruler called Ink and Slide, respectively. -> Photoshop in your Instagram account? "Adobe's Big Plan To Infiltrate Your Creative Apps" via @FastCompany #sm #design

Japanese Artist Creates Incredible Stone Sculptures That Defy The Laws Of Physics

We've seen a lot of realistic and surreal artwork at Bored Panda, but Hirotoshi Ito's bizarre and mind-bending stone sculptures really threw us for a loop. In his masterful hands, common rocks become strange, unsettling and humorous creations that will make you look twice. Surprisingly, it all ... -> This Japanese artist will blow your mind. Incredible Stone sculptures! #art #design #sculpture

The Near-Impossible Challenge of Designing the 9/11 Museum

For the museum's designers and curators, that tension led to a ­tangle of quandaries: How can you present a lasting memorial to an event whose impact is still unspooling through developments such as the Edward Snowden leaks and the Senate's torture report? -> The Near-Impossible Challenge of Designing the 9/11 Museum #design #architecture

Why Twitter Should Never Abandon Its News River Format

Ever since Twitter's debut in 2006, it has displayed content as a river of tweets, listed in backwards chronological order. As Twitter has become more about photos, video, and other embeddable content, the river has remained unchanged.

Ikea has killed off Expedit, leaving me sad, angry and confused

The most punk gesture of 2014 has already taken place. Not onstage at the Brits or in the pages of the New Musical Express, but in Germany, where Ikea revealed a shocking vision for a future of pain and despair, making the infuriatingly obtuse decision to kill off its iconic Expedit series.

The Google Smartwatch Is Real, And It's Coming Soon (But Maybe Not Too Soon)

Google's long-rumored smartwatch is real, and still "officially" expected to begin shipping in mid to late March. However, many members of the smartwatch team inside Google believe that date will either be pushed back to June, or the watch will end up shipping incomplete with a smaller feature set than originally intended.

John Maeda: 3 Principles for Using Design Successfully - The Accelerators - WSJ

John Maeda, design partner at KPCB: Startups are not unlike art and design students - they both bring an uncanny work ethic to challenges and opportunities that would normally be viewed as impossible to tackle. Yet some startups clearly "get" design more than others.

4 Tips On Staying Creative From Noma Star Chef Rene Redzepi

At just 35, Rene Redzepi is the master chef of Noma, a two Michelin Star restaurant in Copenhagen that serves fanatical foodies "new Nordic cuisine"--heavy on the bone marrow, lamb's brains, truffles, snails, rose-hip petals, and vacuum-packed kohlrabi. When it starts to get painful, work. When it's almost unbearable, keep working.

Pay Attention, Amazon! Students Have Designed The Perfect Cardboard Box

While some companies, like Ecovative, are tooling around with highly sustainable alternatives to shipping products around the world, two undergrads have just reinvented the humble cardboard container itself to be more efficient.

Why Startups Need Design Students

As the end of the fall semester drew to a close at the Rhode Island School of Design last year, the college's leader, the charismatic digital designer John Maeda, announced he would be jumping ship for the sunny office parks of Silicon Valley, where he would carve a role for himself as a design partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Yahoo's Big Logo Reveal Is A Giant Letdown

So after 30 days of anticipation, parading out a different logo every day to generate excitement, Yahoo had the "big reveal" of their new logo. We are not only uninspired, we are yawning. And stunned. Stunned that another major company could take such an embarrassingly amateurish approach to their rebranding.

Six tips from Apple on how to create better app icons

This is a guest post by Martin LeBlanc Elgtved, the founder of IconFinder, a search engine for icons. You can follow him on twitter here Shortly after the WWDC event in San Francisco in June, a plethora of iOS7 resources became available on the web.

Why Great Design Is Crucial For Startups

If Matt Manos had to pick something that was designed perfectly, it would be the paperclip. "You never think that someone actually sat down to design that," he said, heralding the simple metal tool for it's simplicity and function (if you think about it -- who has ever picked up a paperclip and not known how to use it?).

How Dribbble became the most influential online platform for graphic designers

Design is paramount to the success of any new or developing startup. While the original idea and core functionality should always take precedence, there's a growing demand for attractive services that offer a beautiful user experience. Dribbble is one of the most reputable and discussed online communities for designers and illustrators at the moment.

The 10 Longest-Lasting American Logos

A company's logo is a defining part of its identity. It can help consumers easily recognize a brand and distinguish it from the competition. This is why some corporate logos have endured with barely a change for more than a century. Not surprisingly, most of the 10 oldest corporate logos still in use belong to...

10 Beautifully Illustrated Children's Books Made For The iPad

In truth, there is a handful of beautifully illustrated books that let kids discover the joy of storytelling. A great picture book comes as much from the written words as the illustrations that bring life to those words. I've put together my top 10 picks for kids book apps with illustrations that transform the words and story into reality.

Think you know how to pronounce Helvetica, Futura and other popular fonts? Think again

Thanks largely to personal computers, many typefaces have become household names. But, because many people only encounter these typefaces within Microsoft Word or online, mispronunciation is quite common.

10 tips for quick and flexible design prototyping

For the past several months at 37signals, I've been working on a new app called Know Your Company. At the beginning of the project, we had a lot of ideas, but we weren't sure if they would form a cohesive product or not. To find out, we built a functional prototype.