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8 Things The World's Most Successful People All Have in Common

I've posted a lot about the strategies of very successful people: artists, scientists, business leaders... Looking back, what patterns do we see? Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, examines the work habits of over 150 of the greatest writers, artists and scientists. What did they all have in common? -> 8 things the world's most successful people have in common: #biz

Three CEOs Step Down in 30 Minutes

Sometimes it rains and sometimes it pours resignation notices from chief executives of major corporations. That's what happened this afternoon as first Oracle's Larry Ellison, then Clorox's Don Knauss, and finally JetBlue's Dave Barger said that they were stepping down from their posts. It is not clear at this time... -> Three CEOs Step Down in 30 Minutes - Oracle, JetBlue, Clorox: #biz

Citing Outside Duties, Steven Ballmer Resigns From Microsoft's Board

SEATTLE - Steven A. Ballmer's era at Microsoft has come to a full stop. Mr. Ballmer, the company's former chief executive, on Tuesday resigned as a member of Microsoft's board, his main affiliation with the company after leaving the top job in February. -> Whoa. Steven Ballmer just resigned from Microsoft’s board. #tech #biz

There's a lot of misinformation out there about Square. So let's set the record straight. Below are ten myths about Square, and why they're totally bogus. 1. Square is more expensive. Nope. We charge one low, flat rate for every transaction. -> New: Top 10 Myths About Square... by Square: #tech #biz

Twitter vows to "improve our policies" after Robin Williams' daughter is bullied off the network

Internet trolls bullied Robin Williams' daughter off of Twitter and Instagram just days after her father's death. A handful of Twitter users sent Zelda Williams messages on Twitter that blamed her for Robin Williams' suicide by hanging, as well as pictures of the comedian altered to show bruises around his neck. -> Twitter vows to “improve our policies” after Robin Williams’ daughter is bullied off the network: #tech #biz

Pinterest Rolls Out Messaging So Pinners Can Have Conversations Around Shared Pins

Pinterest today is unveiling a new way users can communicate, collaborate and share with one another. With the launch of a new messaging feature, users will be able to keep discussions going on Pinterest around their favorite Pins without having to leave the site or apps. -> Pinterest rolled out messaging. Pinners can have private conversations around pins: #socialmedia #biz #pinchat

Twitter Drops Huge Hint of E-Commerce Plans

The evidence that Twitter is planning a move into e-commerce is stacking up, after a handful of users noticed a new (and seemingly dormant) setting for "payment and shipping" inside the company's Android app. The setting was first highlighted by user @am_Bix, who found the option - which cannot be activated or opened at this point - buried inside the settings menu. -> Twitter just dropped a huge hint that it will introduce shopping services: #tech #biz

Google and Barnes & Noble Unite to Take on Amazon

Google and Barnes & Noble are joining forces to tackle their mutual rival Amazon, zeroing in on a service that Amazon has long dominated: the fast, cheap delivery of books. Starting on Thursday, book buyers in Manhattan, West Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area will be able to get same-day deliveries from local Barnes & Noble stores through Google Shopping Express, Google's fledgling online shopping and delivery service. -> Interesting. Google and Barnes & Noble unite to take on Amazon: #tech #publishing #biz

Pinterest Joins the Private Messaging Party

Pinterest has finally jumped into private messaging. The San Francisco-based discovery platform added a new feature on Wednesday that allows users to chat back and forth in a private window. Users are required to start a conversation by sending a Pin to another user along with a message, but subsequent replies do not need to include Pins and work similarly to other chat and text services. -> #ICYMI: Pinterest Introduces Private Messaging: #tech #biz #pinterest

Security Firm: Russian Hackers Amassed 1.2 billion Web Credentials - Digits - WSJ

A gang of Russian hackers appears to have amassed a stockpile of 1.2 billion usernames and passwords as its members roamed the Internet targeting online users, according to a new report from a private security company. -> Whoa. WSJ: "Russian Hackers Steal 1.2 Billion Usernames and Passwords" #security #tech #biz

Nearly 40 million Twitter users never log in directly to the site or mobile app

Investors who drove up Twitter Inc.'s market value by more than $3 billion this week might want to read the fine print. The company on Tuesday reported that its second-quarter revenue more than doubled, and growth in the number of people using its service is rebounding, a positive sign for investors who feared Twitter's popularity had peaked. -> Twitter's User Problem: 40 million actives don't use the website or app. They don't see ads: #sm #tech #biz

Argentina's Win Over The Netherlands Is A Victory For World Cup Partners And American Viewers

Wednesday's World Cup semifinal between Argentina and the Netherlands was quite the change of pace from Tuesday's Brazilian blowout. After Sisyphean regulation and overtime periods left the score at 0-0, the game went to a penalty kick shootout, where the South American squad took the win and sealed its trip [...] -> Forbes: #ARG win over #NED is a victory for #WorldCup partners and USA viewers #media #biz

The Inside Story of Flipboard, the App That Makes Digital Content Look Magazine Glossy

Mike McCue thought he was done. Two years after selling his startup Tellme Networks to Microsoft for a reported $800 million-plus, McCue essentially completed his efforts to integrate the company's innovative voice-recognition software into the Microsoft platform. -> The Inside Story of @Flipboard, the App That Makes Digital Content Look Magazine Glossy: #FlipboardClub #biz

US book publishers now make more money from online sales than physical stores

Brick-and-mortar book stores have clearly been on the decline for a while -- just look at Barnes & Noble's rocky finances. However, there's now some tangible evidence that the pendulum has swung in favor of internet-based sales. BookStats estimates that US publishers made more money from online orders and e-books in 2013 ($7.54 billion) than they did from old-fashioned physical retail ($7.12 billion). -> US book publishers now make more money from online sales than physical stores #biz

ESPN And Univision Want Rivals to Stop Showing World Cup Goals

Soccer fans today seek their fix of blistering goals and near misses not just on TV, but on social media services and their favorite sports sites, too. Now, World Cup rights-holders are trying to stop digital competitors helping themselves to highlights from this summer's tournament without permission. -> ESPN, Univision want digital rivals like Twitter, Vine, SB Nation to stop showing #WorldCup goals: #media #biz

Why Did Amazon Make A Phone? A Conversation With Jeff Bezos

Shortly after he introduced the new Fire phone on Wednesday, I spoke with Jeffrey P. Bezos, Amazon's founder and chief executive, about the device and Amazon's goals in the smartphone business. Here is an edited transcript of our discussion. Sadly, it does not do justice to Mr. Bezos's booming laugh, which punctuated many of his sentences. -> Why Did Amazon Make a Phone? A Conversation With Jeff Bezos: #biz

35 Etiquette Tips For Doing Business Around The World

Picking up a sandwich with your hands during a business lunch in New York wouldn't be a big deal. But in Rio de Janeiro, it could signify considerable disrespect. -> 35 Etiquette Tips For Doing Business Abroad #travel #biz

Facebook developing plans for children to join the social network

Facebook is working on a way to allow children under 13 years old join the social network. The company has designs for a system that allows children younger than 13 to be supervised by parents, according to a new patent, to comply with the US Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (Coppa), which prohibits children under 13 from using online services that collect data without explicit "verifiable parental consent". -> Facebook has a patent showing plans for children under 13 to join the social network: h/t @penrooter #sm #biz

Tech Leaders Deflate the Bubble Talk

Surprise: Big names in tech don't think we're in a bubble. The debate over the B-word has heated up recently amid the curious push-pull of climbing private market valuations and the prolonged public tech stock slump. But the general consensus among speakers and attendees at the Code Conference this week was that any talk of imminent doom for the sector is vastly overblown. -> Tech Leaders Deflate the Bubble Talk #FlipboardClub #tech #biz

The Death of Facebook, Twitter & Google+

It's May 1st, 2018 and the once seemingly-unstoppable, mighty behemoth of online social, Facebook, is now a shell of a platform. Its founders, long cashed-out and hardly relevant in what is now known as the "Privacy-First" movement, Facebook lies amongst the corpses of GeoCities, MySpace, AOL and the more recently imploded Twitter and Google+. -> The Death of Facebook, Twitter & Google+ #tech #biz #sm

Why Condé Nast Traveler is taking the platform approach

Increasingly, traditional publishers are finding that the easiest way to build audience scale is by opening up their sites to outside contributors. Condé Nast Traveler is the latest to take the platform route. The travel monthly is planning to start with 25 outside contributors when it relaunches its site this summer, but it hopes to increase that figure to 1,000 over time. -> Interesting. Condé Nast Traveler will relaunch as a publishing platform in August w/ outside contributors #biz

Facebook Offers Privacy Checkup to All 1.28 Billion Users

SAN FRANCISCO - Do you know who can see what you are posting on Facebook, including your photos, birthday and personal cellphone number? Chances are that you don't. Responding to business pressures and longstanding concerns that its privacy settings are too complicated, Facebook announced on Thursday that it was giving a privacy checkup to every one of its 1.28 billion users. -> So, Facebook is now offering a privacy checkup to all 1.28 billion users. Love it. h/t @wordwhacker #sm #tech #biz

Time Inc. Starts Selling Ads on Magazine Covers | Media - Advertising Age

We are glad you are enjoying Advertising Age. To get uninterrupted access and additional benefits, become a member today. -> Time Inc. is now selling Ads on magazine covers. Industry taboo? #media #biz

eBay hacked, requests all users change passwords

eBay's morning just went from bad to worse, after confirming that an earlier post on PayPal's official blog, saying that eBay will soon request all users change their passwords, was indeed real. eBay contacted CNET after this story was initially published, saying that it discovered "recently" that it was a victim of "a cyber attack on our corporate information network, which compromised a database containing eBay user passwords." -> FYI: @eBay has been hacked. All users are requested to change passwords. #tech #biz

5 Reasons Why Flipboard Is A Swiping Success

Despite the humongous strides we have made in technology, social media and the manner in which we consume the endless supply of content available digitally, some actions remain hardwired in the human brain. Flipping through a magazine, for instance. And, right there, is Flipboard's sweet spot of success. -> 5 Reasons Why @Flipboard Is A Swiping Success: #FlipboardClub #tech #biz