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Here's How Much Access Facebook Employees Have to Your Account

Answer by Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer at Facebook, on Quora. I'm Facebook's Chief Security Officer and I oversee data security at the company. Thanks for the question. We take our role as stewards of people's information very seriously and have invested heavily in protecting the data trusted to us. -> Here’s how much access Facebook employees have to your personal account via @TIME #tech #sm

Facebook Is Down On Web And Mobile In Several Parts Of The World

Is Facebook Down? Why yes it is. On web and mobile in the US as well as Germany and other parts of the world, users are reporting an outage of the social network. Downtime trackers are showing outages too. We've contacted Facebook for info about how widespread the problem is, the cause, and when users can expect it to work again. -> Confirmed: #Facebook is down on both web and mobile in several parts of the world. #tech #sm

27 Pinterest Boards That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

There are not many places on the web as aesthetically pleasing as Pinterest. It's chock-full of gorgeous clothes and accessories, meticulously decorated houses, drool-worthy food porn, and everything else beautiful that you could possibly imagine. But Pinterest is much more than just pictures-it's also the ideal place to discover and organize ideas, thoughts, advice, and more! -> 27 Pinterest Boards That Will Actually Make Your Life Better [TIME] #pinchat #sm

Facebook Takes Steps Against 'Click Bait' Articles

Facebook announced on Monday that it had adjusted the way users see articles on its site to reduce what it called "click bait" - items that tempt readers with a beguiling headline, but don't deliver much more. -> Facebook Takes Steps Against ‘Click Bait’ Articles: #sm

Twitter Tests Notifications for Favorites

Twitter is back in experimental mode, but its latest test is annoying people. A sizable number of users are seeing tweets favorited by others in their timeline, just like retweets. They are also getting notifications when others follow someone new. -> Yikes. Twitter’s latest experiment shows favorites on your timelines... #sm #socialmedia

Pinterest Rolls Out Messaging So Pinners Can Have Conversations Around Shared Pins

Pinterest today is unveiling a new way users can communicate, collaborate and share with one another. With the launch of a new messaging feature, users will be able to keep discussions going on Pinterest around their favorite Pins without having to leave the site or apps. -> Pinterest rolled out messaging. Pinners can have private conversations around pins: #socialmedia #biz #pinchat

Nearly 40 million Twitter users never log in directly to the site or mobile app

Investors who drove up Twitter Inc.'s market value by more than $3 billion this week might want to read the fine print. The company on Tuesday reported that its second-quarter revenue more than doubled, and growth in the number of people using its service is rebounding, a positive sign for investors who feared Twitter's popularity had peaked. -> Twitter's User Problem: 40 million actives don't use the website or app. They don't see ads: #sm #tech #biz

Adobe's Big Plan To Infiltrate Your Creative Apps

Buried in Adobe's news yesterday was an announcement that marks an important shift for the company. Adobe announced a major update to their Creative Cloud that spans their online apps, including Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom, and also released a new iPad pen and ruler called Ink and Slide, respectively. -> Photoshop in your Instagram account? "Adobe's Big Plan To Infiltrate Your Creative Apps" via @FastCompany #sm #design

Twitter Now Supports Animated GIFs Online And On Mobile

Um, finally. Twitter today announced a small, but SUPER AWESOME change to its social network: it will now support the ever-popular animated GIF format. The change, the company says, is live as of today on the website, Android and iPhone. -> GIFs. On. Twitter. Your turn, Facebook: #socialmedia #sm h/t @Tribe2point0

Facebook developing plans for children to join the social network

Facebook is working on a way to allow children under 13 years old join the social network. The company has designs for a system that allows children younger than 13 to be supervised by parents, according to a new patent, to comply with the US Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (Coppa), which prohibits children under 13 from using online services that collect data without explicit "verifiable parental consent". -> Facebook has a patent showing plans for children under 13 to join the social network: h/t @penrooter #sm #biz

How to Read Tumblr on a Flipboard

Flipboard is a free newsreader and content curator application that's available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows smartphones and tablets. Flipboard supports a variety of social networks, ... -> How to use #Tumblr on Flipboard: #FlipboardClub #sm #howto

The Death of Facebook, Twitter & Google+

It's May 1st, 2018 and the once seemingly-unstoppable, mighty behemoth of online social, Facebook, is now a shell of a platform. Its founders, long cashed-out and hardly relevant in what is now known as the "Privacy-First" movement, Facebook lies amongst the corpses of GeoCities, MySpace, AOL and the more recently imploded Twitter and Google+. -> The Death of Facebook, Twitter & Google+ #tech #biz #sm

Facebook Stops Irresponsibly Defaulting Privacy Of New Users' Posts To "Public", Changes To "Friends"

After four years of putting new users at risk of oversharing by defaulting the visibility of their status updates and photos to public, Facebook is switching the default to "friends". It will also start asking existing users to go through a "Privacy Checkup" flow where they can review and confirm their privacy settings. -> Facebook stopped irresponsibly defaulting new users’ posts to “Public”, changed to “Friends”: #privacy #sm

Goodreads wants you to 'Ask the Author'

Curious about what inspired Margaret Atwood to write "The Handmaid's Tale"? Wondering what Michael Pollan really eats for breakfast? Goodreads, the social media site for booklovers, introduced a new feature Wednesday to connect readers with their favorite writers. The program is beginning with 54 authors, who have agreed to select and answer questions from the site's 25 million members. -> Goodreads is becoming more social. Now you can ‘Ask the Author’: #sm #media

GOP adopts new digital app to reach more tech-savvy voters

Continuing to bulk up its digital game, the Republican National Committee officially launched a new app today designed to reach even more tech-savvy voters ahead of general-election season. The RNC will now deliver its " Morning Reads" via Flipboard, a tablet-focused app that aggregates content across a variety of media and packages it in a digital magazine through which users can "flip." -> #Newsflash: GOP adopts @Flipboard to reach tech-savvy voters ahead of election season: #FlipboardClub #sm

Here's a Flipping Awesome Way to Showcase Your Marketing Content

As you are probably aware, great (and useful) content is the fuel behind good Inbound Marketing. There are lots of ways to publish content such as your corporate blog, and other online resources. As you publish content, you'll want to be sure it gets found in search via SEO and also on social media. -> #MustRead: "Here's a Flipping Awesome Way to Showcase Your Marketing Content" #FlipboardClub #Flipboard #sm

Facebook Offers Privacy Checkup to All 1.28 Billion Users

SAN FRANCISCO - Do you know who can see what you are posting on Facebook, including your photos, birthday and personal cellphone number? Chances are that you don't. Responding to business pressures and longstanding concerns that its privacy settings are too complicated, Facebook announced on Thursday that it was giving a privacy checkup to every one of its 1.28 billion users. -> So, Facebook is now offering a privacy checkup to all 1.28 billion users. Love it. h/t @wordwhacker #sm #tech #biz

Building Social Bridges

Ooops...Where did you get such a link ? Server cannot locate what you are looking for ! The Server tried all of its options before returning this page to you. You are looking for something that is not here now. You can always try doing a search or browsing through the Archives.Don't loose your hope just yet. -> Interesting piece by @Ekatrina on why (and which) marketers love visual social networks: #sm

How to Link Social Media Accounts on Flipboard

Flipboard is an application available to the four major mobile systems in the market. It enables users to flip through various headlines in different industries or even feature their social media accounts. It is like a virtual magazine... -> How to Link #SocialMedia Accounts on Flipboard: via @wikiHow #FlipboardClub

Get Organized: Streamline Your News Feeds

The way we get our news has drastically changed in the last few years. These days, a few quick clicks is all it takes to create a tailor-made list of headlines on the topics you're most interested in following. -> Get organized: Streamline your news feeds with @Flipboard, @Twitter and more. [PCMag] #FlipboardClub #sm

Instagram for iOS no Longer Shares Activity/Likes to Facebook

Facebook has issued an update for Instagram for iOS that is likely to cut down on the number of updates from the photo sharing app that appear on Facebook. That's because the change in version 5.0.11 has removed the auto-sharing of activity to Facebook. -> FYI: The latest #Instagram update for iOS no longer lets you share likes and activity to Facebook: #sm #tech

Facebook is reportedly building a new Snapchat competitor

Facebook is taking Snapchat very seriously after its failed attempt to purchase the video and picture messaging app for $3 billion last year. Mark Zuckerberg is personally supervising an internal effort to build a competing "ephemeral messaging" app, according to a new report from the Financial Times . -> Apparently, Facebook is building a new Snapchat competitor: #tech #biz #sm

Pinterest Is Sneaking Up on Twitter and Facebook

As social networks go, Pinterest doesn't get a whole lot of respect. You don't see lengthy dissections of its news feed algorithms, worried hand-wringing about its future, or personal essays about the emotional solace it provides during times of trouble. -> Pinterest is sneaking up on Twitter and Facebook... #tech #biz #sm #pinchat

How the web distorts reality and impairs our judgement skills

Information has never been so ubiquitous. Internet penetration, the open-source economy and the proliferation of search algorithms have generated an unprecedented amount of information - IBM estimates that 90% of the world's online data has been created just in the past two years. What's more, it has made information more accessible than ever before. -> Worthy read. How the web distorts reality and impairs our judgement skills: #sm #tech

Twitter Turns to Flipboard to Acquire Users for Vine

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