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Programming Languages

Quiz on Inheritance in C++ - Quiz Orbit

In the world of object-oriented programming, inheritance is one of the major topic. Take this Quiz on inheritance in C++ to learn more.

What are IoT Devices? - TechVidvan

See what are IoT Devices. See different types of IoT devices like consumer connected devices, enterprise devices and industrial devices.

Communication Protocols in IoT - TechVidvan

Learn what are communication protocols in IoT. See various protocols like link layer, network layer, transport layer, application layer etc.

Android MCQ with Answers - DataFlair

Take this Android MCQ test with Answers. It has wonderful and exciting set of questions that will hone your skills in android.

Check these Excel Interview Questions and Answers that will help you to crack your next MS Excel Interview and land your dream job.

Check MS Excel Interview Questions with Answers for beginners, intermediate & expert level. These questions are commonly asked in interviews

Learn what are functions in Excel VBA> See various types of functions in VBA like program flow, date and time, array, financial, math and trig

Advanced Charts and Graphs in Excel - DataFlair

Learn about advanced charts and graphs in Excel. See various charts like thermometer chart, doughnut chart, Wireframe Contour Charts etc.

Data Structure MCQ Online Test - DataFlair

Take online MCQ Test on data structure & algorithm. It contains 20 questions on data structures & covers all key topics for your learning.

MCQ Questions on Data Structures - DataFlair

Take this MCQ questions on Data Structures. It will help students practice the concepts & gain confidence over data structures & Algorithms.

MCQ on Data Structures and Algorithms - DataFlair

Data structure has a major weightage in academics and interviews. Take this MCQ quiz on data structures & algorithm to check your knowledge.

MCQ on Data Structure with Answers - DataFlair

Here is an interesting MCQ quiz with answers on Data Structure. It has questions on complexity analysis, binary trees, stacks, queues, sorting

How to Remove Background of Images in Python? - DataFlair

Create Python project to remove image background. Learn about segmentation, image combination, and some basic image processing techniques.

Cloud Computing - Research Topics - TechVidvan

Learn about research topics in Cloud computing like DevOps, Big Data, Cloud Cryptography, Load Balancing, Cloud Analytics, Edge Computing etc

Nodejs Event Loop and Event Emitter - DataFlair

Learn what is Nodejs event loop, different phases in event loop, event emitter, how it works and different methods present in it.

Nodejs Buffers - DataFlair

Learn about nodejs buffers. Learn to create & concatenate buffer, write to buffer, reading from buffer, buffer to json conversion, etc.

Check these Python Interview Questions with answers. These are interview questions being asked in most of the python interviews.

Pin Your Notes in Python - Sticky Notes Project - TechVidvan

Develop Pin Your Note project - Sticky Notes using python in easy steps using TKinter library. Source Code is available for your help.

Python Instagram Bot - Automate Instagram Messages - DataFlair

Create a simple Python Project to Automate messages to an Instagram user using selenium, requests, beautifulSoup, and time library.

Store Management System in Python with Source Code - Project Gurukul

Create Shop or store management system project using Python. It helps to keep the details of the stock, transaction and also generate bills.

Post Office Protocol in Computer Network - DataFlair

Learn what is Post Office Protocol (POP) with its advantages, disadvantages & working. See steps involved in the usage of POP & its commands.

Export PowerPoint Presentation as PDF File, Video File and Image File - DataFlair

Learn how to export PowerPoint Presentation as PDF File, Video File and Image File in easy step by step manner.

Learn how to insert audio and video in powerpoint presentations. See how to change playback options in PowerPoint.

Automate Linkedin Connections with Python - DataFlair

Develop project to automate LinkedIn connections using python selenium library in easy step by step manner.

Lists in MS Word - DataFlair

Learn how to create lists and multilevel lists in MS Word. Learn to create bullet list, numbered list and use Symbols as Bullets in Word.