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27 Pinterest Boards That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

There are not many places on the web as aesthetically pleasing as Pinterest. It's chock-full of gorgeous clothes and accessories, meticulously decorated houses, drool-worthy food porn, and everything else beautiful that you could possibly imagine. But Pinterest is much more than just pictures-it's also the ideal place to discover and organize ideas, thoughts, advice, and more! -> 27 Pinterest Boards That Will Actually Make Your Life Better [TIME] #pinchat #sm

Pinterest Rolls Out Messaging So Pinners Can Have Conversations Around Shared Pins

Pinterest today is unveiling a new way users can communicate, collaborate and share with one another. With the launch of a new messaging feature, users will be able to keep discussions going on Pinterest around their favorite Pins without having to leave the site or apps. -> Pinterest rolled out messaging. Pinners can have private conversations around pins: #socialmedia #biz #pinchat

Pinterest Joins the Private Messaging Party

Pinterest has finally jumped into private messaging. The San Francisco-based discovery platform added a new feature on Wednesday that allows users to chat back and forth in a private window. Users are required to start a conversation by sending a Pin to another user along with a message, but subsequent replies do not need to include Pins and work similarly to other chat and text services. -> #ICYMI: Pinterest Introduces Private Messaging: #tech #biz #pinterest

Plan a project with friends

Say hello to messages on Pinterest! -> RT @Hello_Society: .@Pinterest just released 4 videos on their YouTube account around messaging #PinChat

Say hello to messages on Pinterest!

Plan projects, swap ideas, share your best discoveries. -> OMG. You guys. MESSAGING on @Pinterest! Be still my pounding heart... #pinchat

Pinterest Acquires Icebergs, The Pinterest For Creatives

Pinterest has acquired Icebergs, a " Pinterest for creative types," which offered an online collaboration service that allowed users to organize their projects, including not only images, but also articles, files, videos, and other content, and share that content with others. -> RT @Tribe2point0: Pinterest Acquires Icebergs, The “Pinterest For Creatives” h/t @AidaofNubia #PinChat

Pinterest: A Usability Study

I have been an avid Pinterest user almost since its inception in 2010. I love the product, its grid system design, and I use it nearly everyday to get ideas and inspiration for my projects. -> RT @Tribe2point0: Pinterest: A Usability Study h/t @AidaofNubia #PinChat

Dear Pinterest - You Know I Love You, But - LISTS, PLEASE!

No big news - I'm a Pinterest nut. Why? Because it works to bring in traffic and leads AND it is fun. Sometimes too fun. Hours melt away like soft serve on a summer's day. But I digress (much like I do on Pinterest). Pinterest has one glaring flaw, and we'd like it addressed. -> RT @Tribe2point0: Dear Pinterest - You Know I Love You, But - LISTS, PLEASE! via @alisammeredith h/t @AidaofNubia #P…

Pinterest's Web Search Is About to Get Much More Powerful

Pinterest's new Guided Search feature, which the company first unveiled on mobile in April, is coming to the web. Pinterest users will soon see a new search bar when they visit, and just as it works on mobile, the search features will surface recommended keywords intended to help generate more specific queries and better search results. -> RT @Tribe2point0: Pinterest's Web Search Is About to Get Much More Powerful via @mashable h/t @AidaofNubia #PinChat

Guided Search hits the web!

A few months ago we introduced Guided Search on mobile to help you make discoveries and find things you didn't even know you were looking for-your next road trip, backyard idea, BBQ recipe, anything! This week, Guided Search is rolling out on the web just in time for summer exploring. -> Pinterest just did it again. Guided Search. Now on the web! Impressive. #pinchat

The Cheat Sheet to Pinterest Limits [Infographic]

Tweet Like every social media, Pinterest has certain limits. Many of these Pinterest limits have been made official, while a few haven't. To make it easy for you to stick inside these limits on Pinterest and avoid being branded a spammer, I have created this infographic. -> The Cheat Sheet to Pinterest Limits [Infographic] via @annelizhannan @sbhsbh @SMWriting #pinchat

Watch Out, Television: Pinterest Wants To Pin Down Your Ad Dollars

Pinterest is making the leap from the computer screen to the small screen-and television networks may not know what's coming for them. The image-sharing site, which people use to search and discover objects of interest they can't name or didn't know they wanted, is revving up its advertising products at the same time it has struck its first notable placement in a TV show. -> Watch out, Television. #Pinterest wants to pin down your Ad dollars: #pinchat

Pinterest Is Sneaking Up on Twitter and Facebook

As social networks go, Pinterest doesn't get a whole lot of respect. You don't see lengthy dissections of its news feed algorithms, worried hand-wringing about its future, or personal essays about the emotional solace it provides during times of trouble. -> Pinterest is sneaking up on Twitter and Facebook... #tech #biz #sm #pinchat

Cupcakes: Little Bites of Love

By Kelly Lieberman | Kelly Lieberman created a magazine on Flipboard. "Cupcakes: Little Bites of Love" is available with thousands of other magazines and all the news you care about. Download Flipboard for free and search for "Kelly Lieberman".

5 Menswear Pinterest Boards You Should Follow

When everyone first heard about Pinterest in 2011, it was threatening to be yet another social network on top of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that you 'had' to be plugged into. Perhaps because of this feeling of fatigue, many men decided the concept wasn't for them.

All About Pinterest

Pinterest news, tips, and best practices

How To Make Rich Pins From Your Own Products [Cheat Sheet]

Rich pins are no longer for the selected few. Learn how to make your own rich product pins using oEmbed or semantic markups - cheat sheet included! When Pinterest first introduced rich pins in May, PinLeague CEO, Danny Maloney, saw them as Pinterest's first billion dollar revenue feature.

10 Pinterest Mavens Every Marketer Should Follow

If you spend time marketing your business, making connections with quality Pinterest users is an excellent way to create synergistic relationships and a network of perfectly curated content. I follow business professionals who have developed an original style, have something unique to share, and pin content that I know will be of interest to my followers.

Pinterest's Ben Silbermann on Male Users, Making Money, and Getting Off-Line

How are you using Pinterest right now? I'm like a lot of typical users. I use it to collect recipes. I recently had a kid, so I use it to find activities for the kid. I use it to save gifts for my wife, keep track of things that I might want to buy.

The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest For Every Brand

Pinterest has captured our visual fancy like no other network before it. The image-driven network's meteoric rise in only a few years shows the site is more than just a pretty community for people interested in fashion and lifestyle: Marketers are all over Pinterest's lead-generation aspects, and online hits on products from the site have proved a marketing sensation.

3 Powerful Pinterest Tips From The Experts

Om Malik, editor of GigaOM, predicts we are witnessing the ' Pinterest-ization of the web '. This is not only thanks to Pinterest alone, but other websites like The Fancy (recently raised $53m from Will Smith, American Express and others) who are moving into the space created at the intersection of social media and e-commerce: social commerce.

The 6 Types of Moms on Pinterest

Who doesn't love Pinterest? Not this girl. I could spend hours on end pinning, arranging, and generally getting lost in the DIY black hole that is Pinterest. I love it. And since I've become a mom, I love it even more. It gives me great ideas for meals, adorable kids' clothes , and of course, home decor inspiration.

The Essentials: Enid Hwang, Pinterest Community Manager

Welcome to our column, The Essentials. Every week we will take a look at what essentials a woman with an awesome job needs to get through her day. Whether it's apps, music, gummy worms, red lipstick, or a power bag, we've got the scoop.

Leveraging Pinterest for SEO and E-commerce

Pinterest has quickly evolved from a simple idea to one of the most popular, revenue generating social media platforms. In the last 5 months alone Pinterest has grown its user base 43.7 percent to more than 70 million. These users aren't merely pinning pictures; they're buying products.

Amazon gets all Pinterest-like with 'Collections'

The e-commerce giant quietly launches a new feature that lets users add items to shopping wish lists and follow others with similar tastes and interests. (Credit: Screenshot by Dara Kerr/CNET) Amazon seems to be taking some cues from the social network Pinterest.