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Web Design & Development Articles

Articles about web design & development, responsive design and related topics — #webdesign, #webdev

How to Create a Social Sharing Bar Graph for WordPress

When creating the new design for WDL, I knew that I wanted to create a cleaner and more minimalistic design than I had with any of the previous versions of the site. And I also wanted to do something new and unique with the social sharing buttons - something that had not been done before. -> This is unique. "How to Create a Social Sharing Bar Graph for WordPress" #wp #webdesign #blogging

How Wearable Technology Will Impact Web Design

Remember how wearing a calculator watch back in the day made you feel like George Jetson or his boy Elroy? Technology has come a long way from spelling out naughty words (upside down) on your calculator. These days, you can make calls, record videos, check your health, and buy coffee from your smartwatch-and that's just the beginning. -> Interesting piece. "How Wearable Technology Will Impact Web Design." - #webdesign #tech

GoDaddy Buys a Marketing Startup to Broaden Its Main Street Appeal

There's long been big money in selling ads to small businesses. In decades past, companies that published phone books banked a large chunk of the profits. Today, tech companies-including giants like Angie's List, Google, and Groupon, as well as dozens of startups-are vying for local digital ad

Simple Web Design Tips for Bloggers

Simple Web Design Tips for Bloggers Bloggers are not web designers, but that is no reason for bloggers to pay attention to how their site looks, feels, and works. After all, while we know that what you dish out on a regular basis (your content) is the main thing, we also know that an ugly blog with an awful user experience will not last long.

New tools for web design and development: July 2013

This month, developers seem to be focused on stripping away unwarranted code and returning to essentials. Whether in the form of a 'strict' interpretation of JavaScript ( GorillaScript) or the simple body movements that provide Move.js with input, the spirit is for streamlining. This is good.

Top Five WordPress SEO Tips

Unless you do it for a living, SEO is probably one of your less favorite activities. Optimizing your WordPress blog for search engines is very time consuming, and with Google updating its algorithms all the time, you need to stay alert.

A Look Into: WordPress UI Evolution For The Past 10 Years

WordPress turned 10 and the name certainly doesn't need an introduction, especially to those who are involved in blogging. WordPress has been one of the greatest tools a writer can have when it comes to online publishing. It has certainly made its name over the whole Internet, and helped bloggers ...

Think you know how to pronounce Helvetica, Futura and other popular fonts? Think again

Thanks largely to personal computers, many typefaces have become household names. But, because many people only encounter these typefaces within Microsoft Word or online, mispronunciation is quite common.

Psychology in web design

This article first appeared in issue 241 of .net magazine - the world's best-selling magazine for web designers and developers. The online landscape is crowded. Competition to stand out, get recognised and engage an audience - and keep them coming back - is stronger than ever.

10 points to consider when redesigning a website

When redesigning an existing website, you'll often want to start afresh. However, you risk losing useful elements. It's good practice to perform a thorough site review to ensure you keep the great bits of an existing site, protect your client's ability to amend and maintain the site, as well as developing the brand in the best way possible.

Responsive Web Design Testing Tool - A handy tool for responsive design testing.

A handy tool for responsive design testing. Test your own site... type the url and hit enter or press the button.

Sketchsheets for Responsive Web Design

With the constant evolution and popularity of mobile devices, designing web sites responsively is essential. Unlike designing for a static or fixed web site, the fluidity and flexibility of a responsive site can make the design process tricky and at times almost impossible to successfully convey visually your design ideas.

5 lessons from a responsive web design classroom

I've taught responsive web design (RWD) at a large state university just outside Austin, Texas, for the past two years to almost 200 design students. With support from my colleagues and a handful of designers and agencies in Austin providing priceless input, writing the curriculum for the course was exciting, but not easy.

10 tips for quick and flexible design prototyping

For the past several months at 37signals, I've been working on a new app called Know Your Company. At the beginning of the project, we had a lot of ideas, but we weren't sure if they would form a cohesive product or not. To find out, we built a functional prototype.

WordPress Tip: Easy to Remember Admin Access

This is just a quick little tip to make things a little easier for you-and maybe more importantly, for your clients. If you've ever found yourself logged out of your site, and you don't have a link to the admin area on the front end, then of course you can just type in the following to get to the backend.