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What is Chipped Tooth

Chipped tooth is the broken enamel portion of the tooth. It might be painful.

Chipped or Broken Tooth Treatment & Repair

WebMD explains dental techniques for repairing a chipped or broken tooth, including bonding, crowns, veneers, and root canals.

Chipped Tooth: Causes, Treatment, Recovery

Learn how to treat and prevent a chipped tooth.

How to Fix a Chipped Tooth or a Broken Tooth, and What Not to Do

It can be painful to chip or break a tooth, but many cracks and chips aren’t serious and may need little or no treatment. However, the best way to protect your teeth and overall health is to see a dentist to make sure.

Should You Have A Chipped Tooth Treated Or Can You Just Ignore It?

Dr David Nolte, dentist at The Dental Centre Bedford, explains why it's a mistake to avoid a professional check-up even where you've experienced just a small chip on your tooth.

Why You Should Never Ignore a Chipped Tooth | Highbury Park Dental

To some, a chipped tooth is a cosmetic concern that only affects the look of their smile, and therefore doesn’t need treatment. But, this is not the case.

7 Reasons to See Your Cosmetic Dentist about a Chipped Tooth

If you chip a tooth, you might think it’s no big deal. But there are actually at least 7 good reasons why you should see your dentist.

Is a Broken Tooth an Emergency? - King Dental

If you have experienced a broken tooth, it’s not something to be taken lightly. It might seem like it’s just a cosmetic issue, but in fact, it could

Four Options For Fixing A Chipped Tooth Fast

Fixing a chipped tooth as soon as it happens ensures your mishap doesn't cause further problems, but what are your options? Find out more, here.

Chipped Tooth: What to Do Right Away (Updated for 2021)

A chipped tooth (broken tooth) might seem like a greater problem, but having a broken molar can be just as painful & problematic - what you need to know.

Chipped Tooth? Here's What to Do Immediately After and Potential Fixes

There are definite things to do immediately when it comes to a chipped tooth. Find out what those are and what your dentist may ultimately recommend.

5 Ways to Fix Your Chipped Tooth & What Your Dentist Will Do | Gentle Dental

Although tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in the entire body, it isn’t indestructible. Learn how to manage the injury to preserve your tooth and avoid serious pain or infections.

Why Do My Teeth Keep Chipping? Teeth Chipping Causes, Prevention & Treatment Options

Chipped teeth are a common occurrence. But why are your teeth chipping? Learn about teeth chipping causes, plus effective prevention and treatment options to fix your smile.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth Causes and Repair - Crest

Chipping or cracking a tooth can be a painful hassle. Learn about the causes, treatment and products to use while your chipped tooth heals at

Cracked tooth: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

Cracks in teeth vary in severity. Some are mild and invisible, while others are significant and cause a lot of pain. Dentists judge the extent of damage by inspecting the tooth and taking X-rays. Here, we describe how to tell if a tooth is cracked and when one needs removing. We also explore other treatment options.

How to Fix a Broken Tooth at Home | Advanced Indiana

A broken tooth can be pretty painful and traumatic. This accident often requires emergency dental care, which is why Advanced Indiana is the trusted dental team in Anderson and Fortville, IN. If you've broken a tooth, give us a call (765) 622-7000 or (317) 485-7000 right now!

Is Chipping a Tooth Really that Big of a Deal? » Dentistry & Oral Health Blog

Dentists are frequently asked questions about chipping a tooth—“Is it that big a deal? Doesn't it depend on how big the chip is? I mean if it is just a little chip, it can't be that bad.

Will a Chipped Tooth Grow Back? - Providence Family Dentistry Mableton Georgia

Having a chipped tooth or even multiple teeth can be quite the pain for some people. A chipped tooth can present a whole host of problems for a person whether it be with eating or with their overall appearance. Some people may be wondering whether or not their chipped tooth will grow back, sadly, the answer is no. However, there are a few different options that a person can choose from in order to restore a chipped tooth.

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