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Top Articles on Building a Resilient Organisation

Get access to some of the most engaging and valuable thought leadership articles on topics like organisational resilience, business continuity, business management, and operational resilience and navigate your business from short and long term disruptions.


A Primer on Organisational Resilience | by Mitch | Medium | Medium

Organisational resilience enables your business to respond to short and long-term disruptions quickly. Find out how to make your organisation resilient.

Shifting From Organisational Siloes to Fully Integrated Data Systems

How integrated business management systems can help you break down organizational siloes and turn dark data into actionable insights.
In an age of rapid digital innovation, companies have unprecedented opportunities to collect data from a constantly increasing range of sources. Some have been doing it for years and, as a consequence, have potentially valuable data stored across legacy systems that lack the ability to interface seamlessly with modern, cloud-based apps and other platforms.

How an Integrated Business Management System Enhances Organisational Resilience | by Mitch | Oct, 2021 | Medium

Organisations today face multiple challenges and threats, and need to be adaptable to respond to change. In order to react effectively to disruption and maintain business as usual, strong…

Integrated Business Management System (IBMS) Explained - ContinuSys

Find out how an Integrated Business Management System (IBMS) enables your organisation to reach productivity and profitability goals more efficiently.
The unpredictable times today necessitate businesses to stay flexible in the face of unexpected threats. Building organisational resilience is critical for companies to prevent disruptions or minimise its effects.

Integrated Business Management System to Enhance Organisational Resilience - ContinuSys

Find out how Integrated Business Management System (IBMS) enables your organisation to reach the productivity and profitability goals more efficiently.
Irrespective of whether an organisation is small or large, every business comprises five fundamental and interdependent businesses processes: value creation, marketing, sales, value delivery and finance. We can further break down these five parts of a business into ten core processes:

The Continusys Difference -- From Organisational Siloes to Resilient Value Chains

Many organisations are still struggling to overcome the silo mentality. The ContinuSys Integrated Business Management System (IBMS) is a collection of integrated web and mobile apps that seeks to solve this problem.

What Are the 10 Key Business Processes Every Business Needs? - ContinuSys

Every business is made up of various functions and processes. Know what are the 10 key business processes every business needs to be in the top of the race.

Definition of a Porter’s Value Chain?

Find out how B2B SaaS apps can be used to manage the PAFTCIG of a business, which subsequently helps to manage Porter’s Value Chain.

Achieving Operational Resilience with an Integrated Business Management System • Disaster Recovery Journal

Following the unprecedented disruption of the past year, many business leaders stated intentions to increase the resilience of their organizations. However, given the complexities of today’s supply chains and business technology environments, many are still unsure where to start.

ContinuSys on LinkedIn: How Disaster Recovery Solutions Can Help Ensure Business Continuity

Business continuity and disaster recovery are indispensable aspects of an organisation’s overall risk management strategy. Here are 5 ways how disaster...

10 Reasons You Should Invest in a Cloud Business Accounting Software | by Mitch | Nov, 2021 | Medium

There’s no doubt that cloud computing has greatly revolutionised the way we do business. Gone are the days when you had to sit behind a computer screen and enter figures into accounting software…

Why is File-Sharing Security Important for Business?

A secure file sharing solution provides powerful security without the need for extensive infrastructure or IT resources. Explore more benefits here.

How to Build Organisational Resilience

So how do you build Organisational Resilience? If you’re not sure where to begin, use this guide to help you get started.

5 Signs Your Accounting Software Needs An Upgrade

Not sure whether it’s time to let go of your existing accounting software? Explore 5 signs that tell when you need to upgrade your accounting software

What is Porter’s Value Chain?

At the beating heart of every business is value. However much value you can create, minus the cost of creating it, is your profit margins.

How Integrated Business Management Empowers Distributed Workforces

An integrated business management system (IBMS) is a crucial asset for managing distributed workforces and promoting productivity without adding risk. Knowledge work is no longer defined by what people do in the traditional office environment.

Why Every Business Needs HR Management Software

Attracting and retaining the best talent has never been harder, but an integrated solution that lets you manage your teams at scale makes all the difference. People make up one of the four fundamental components of every business, alongside assets, finance, and time.

5 Best Employee Management Software in 2021 - ContinuSys

HR management software is a great idea to enhance the productivity and efficiency of an organisation. It can also help in cost savings and employee retention.

6 Secure File Sharing Tools for Enterprises | by Mitch | Dec, 2021 | Medium

File-sharing tools are a must-have for businesses today to save money and time, limit and monitor file access for enhanced security and prevent data loss.

6 Business Management Software for Enterprises in 2021 - ContinuSys

Here are the top 6 business management software that you can use to enhance operational efficiency and improve the productivity and profitability of your organisation.

6 Benefits of Using Integrated HR Management Software for Your Business - ContinuSys

Centralised and integrated HR management software can go a long way to helping companies manage and recruit organisational personnel.

9 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Accounting Software | by Mitch | Jan, 2022 | Medium

In the past, tracking all of your financial and accounting data in an Excel spreadsheet could have been enough. Then, when your business scaled, you presumably moved on to accounting software…

Top 6 Online Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Let’s take a look at some of the top online accounting software and bookkeeping software that you can use to efficiently manage your business finances.

How to Build Organisational Resilience | by Mitch | Jan, 2022 | Medium

How do you anticipate, prepare, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper? After all, this is the very definition of organisational resilience…

How People Enhance Organisational Resilience

People are what make businesses resilient. They are the ones who create a positive culture that enables companies to be agile, resilient against adversity...